Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday Quotable

Photo was taken by my sister on race day at the 1 mile point. 
The HoBOOken 5K is over. I will write more about it in tomorrow’s Weekly Weigh In but I have to share a little today. Today’s quote sums up how I feel about the experience. I didn’t do nearly as well as I thought I would but, I finished. It was really tough. I’d walked a 5K the week before and ran at full speed from zombies the week before that. I think I did myself a disservice in slacking on exercise in the 3 weeks leading up to the race but I thought I’d get in more running on race day than I did. 

As I sat in bed watching TV the afternoon following the race (icing my right knee and hip which started aching between mile 2 and 3, I will admit, I was being pretty hard on myself. Then, I realized that I should count the finishing of the race as a victory. Last year at this time, I was sleeping with oxygen. I could barely walk a city block without getting winded. This month, I’ve done two 5Ks and an adrenaline fueled obstacle course. I don’t think that’s too shabby. So, this year, the HoBOOken 5K kicked my butt a little (ok, a lot). Next year, I’ll be right back at the starting line ready to try again. Maybe I’ll even let Robyn talk me into that Spring 10K she's been talking about.

And one other thing…aside from mental toughness and spirit, I also finished this race because of love and support. My family has been encouraging me through this process since I decided to sign up for HoBOOken. On race day, Robyn, Ashley (my sister who surprised me by flying in just to run the race with me) and Asher were there every step of the way. They’d all trained but they took turns slowing down to walk with and encourage me. Without all of this support, I may not have finished. Hugs and kisses to each of them. 

Next stop: St. Jude Give Thanks Walk over the Brooklyn Bridge on November 23. Interested? Sign up or donate here

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