Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Weekly Weigh In: See Jane Run!

Well people, HoBOOken came and went. It's time for the full report on the race that started this weekly feature. If you were here, you'd hear me (Nicole) sighing...heavily. 


Well, this week was the big one – the big HoBOOken 5K.  AND WE DID IT.  As far as I am concerned, we are winners!!!  I actually really enjoyed the race. 

I want to keep up with the running challenge and, as you may know, am trying to convince Nicole to sign up for a 10K this spring.  With the cold weather upon us, why not use the time to get into the best shape we have ever been in….

Race day was great.  I woke up, had some warm oatmeal, and was off.  Outside:  chilly – but sunny, dry.  I was able to do some running and walking.  And because I said I would do this during the race…all caps and bold…here we go….I CAN NOT BELIEVE NICOLE DID NOT EAT BREAKFAST ON RACE DAY. HOW CAN YOU RUN OR WALK 3.2 MILES WITH NO FOOD IN YOUR SYSTEM. SILLY GIRL.   OK… Enough about that.

I also lost .6 pounds this week for a total loss of 4 pounds.  Since I seem to cheat every week, I am actually now down 5 pounds.  That is a good number for me.  And that also accounts for the yummy wrap and fries I had after the race.  I was hoping for a few more pounds before my big trip this coming Saturday, but I will take the 5 pounds.  I still can’t fit into my capris too well (they are a bit snug), but I will manage. 

I am hoping my trip to Australia will help with the weight loss.  Although I plan to eat some delicious food (I’ll skip the kangaroo and alligator which will be served at my authentic Australian Barbie), and enjoy some white Australian wine, I will be hiking, swimming and – yes, climbing Harbor Bridge in Sydney (a 3.5 hour trek).  I will send Nicole some pics and hopefully she can post them online.

As for the recipe of the week:  Baked Eggplant Parm.  Taken from Weight Watchers.  I love eggplant and I love this recipe.  By baking the eggplant, you save a lot of points. 


Ok, ok. I know I have some explaining to do. You saw in Robyn’s post that I didn’t eat before the race. Let me say this, I usually don’t eat before a workout. I eat during the day (breakfast and lunch) but in the hours before my workout, I don’t have anything but water (unless there’s some sort of birthday/retirement/baby shower at work that involves cake). That said, I usually workout for 30 minutes and there is SOMETHING in my system. I also take a bottle of water with me and guzzle it when I feel weak during a workout. I didn’t think about that on race day. I gulped down some Gatorade, threw on my costume and headed to Hoboken for the run. Here I am in my Candy Crush (runner friendly) finery. 

Big mistake. Somewhere between mile 1 and 2, I felt like I might pass out so I slowed down, cut out running all together and decided to walk the rest of the way, slowing down as needed. As I walked, and people passed me, I got a little annoyed because I’d trained to at least be able to run half of the race. It was almost like I did nothing to prepare…like, literally I’d rolled off the couch and tried to run a 5K out of the blue. My body responded with “Whoa, chick. What is this all about? I don’t run.” It was embarrassing. It didn’t help when one of the police blocking traffic for the race got on his loud speaker and bellowed “THIS IS A RACE. WHY ARE YOU WALKING? YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE RUNNING!” Then between miles 2 and 3, one of the volunteers said “I’d tell you to run but it doesn’t matter. You’re already in last place.” I know he was kidding but it stung a little. In the last half mile, my knee did something weird and started hurting really badly. I still didn’t quit. I limped the rest of the way and as it turns out, I was NOT last (take that, Mr. Volunteer). I crossed the finish line before 3 other people (one who was younger than me and two that were in my mom’s age group). But at that point, it wasn’t about stats for me. It was about finishing. And that, I did. Robyn even came back to walk the last leg with me.

Robyn, Asher, Ashley and the volunteers along the race route gave me every “You can do it!” and “Yay! Woo! Almost there!” they had. That really helped.

It also made me realize that even though I couldn’t run the race, walking it was a major feat. So, I am proud of myself. I am going to continue the training over the next two weeks and try to do another 5K (my own private one around an indoor track given how cold it is here in the winter). I’m calling it my 5K 2.0 or 5K: The Remix. Then, when Robyn comes back from Australia all glowy and refreshed, I’ll be easily talked into trying a 10K. This time, I will eat breakfast—a hearty one—and I will NOT skip my workouts for 2 ½ weeks and expect to jog like it’s second nature. Here’s to second chances.

As for stats, I didn’t gain or lose weight this week but I will take it considering the amount of food I consumed during my sister’s surprise visit to NY (she came up to run the 5K with me). Veggie wraps, guacamole, veggie enchiladas, french fries, margherita flatbread, froyo with Reese’s peanut butter cups…the list goes on and I will stop because frankly, it’s making me a little hungry.  AND, none of that yummy goodness is part of my recipe for the week so I will stop throwing it in your face. I had my free weekend and now I am back on the healthy train. Today’s recipe is for your sweet tooth and it’s waistline friendly. Also, for good measure, here’s a good article on when it’s okay to skip out on weigh-in because let’s face it, we all need a break from the scale sometimes.

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