Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Weekly Weigh In: See Jane Search for Stamina


Do you hear that? That heavy breathing sound usually heard in stereotypical horror movie chase scenes where the next victim is running through the woods and stops to catch his/her breath just before the mass murderer jumps out of the bushes and gives the crowd what they paid for? Yeah, that noise. That’s me gasping for air after doing the week 5 runs on Couch to 5K. Let me say this: I get that I am supposed to go from sitting on the couch to running a 5K in 8 weeks. It’s not rational to believe that I can do that by running easy, 1 minute intervals for 8 weeks. But to go from running in 1 to 3 minute intervals to running in 5 to 8 minute intervals is QUITE the jump for me.

Next week? Well, it starts with two 10-minute intervals and ends with a 15 minute interval and a 5 minute interval.  Right now, I can’t wrap my head around that. The prospect of it has left me wondering if I am doing the program properly. If I was, wouldn’t I look at the 8 and 10 minute runs as doable by now? Am I resting too much? Do I need to run more than 3 days a week to get ready for the 5K? Can my body even take more than 3 days of running a week?
…………(Jeopardy theme song)

Nothing?  Yeah, me either. I need to do some research.

Seriously, for the runners out there, any tips on ways to increase stamina would be GREATLY appreciated!! Leave them in the comments so other runners struggling can benefit from your bountiful wisdom. Flattery gets me everywhere, right? C’mon! Give up those runner secrets.

For those reading this for the weight loss stats and recipes, I am up 0.1 this week, which doesn’t bother me too much. I attribute that to water weight. In terms of food, I kept it pretty basic (soups and salads) with some allowances for pizza and wine/cocktails on date night and our Breaking Bad small plates bonanza (sliders, flatbread, shishkabobs, chips and dip…sounds so indulgent right? It’s not what you think—stay tuned for recipes on Scalded Pot starting today with a healthy twist on chips and dip).

Until next week, let’s raise a glass (of fresh, organic freggie juice) and toast to finding stamina and runner’s high in the next week…because if I don’t, HoBOOken is going to Kick. My. Butt.  Cheers!

p/s Just for kicks, here is the e-mail I sent Robyn right after my last run: 


So, today's post is more about my eating habits rather than my exercise "HABITS???"  Let's sum up this past week starting with Saturday.  I weigh in on Saturday mornings.  I was actually down 1 pound this week, for a total of 2.2 pounds. I was happy with that.  I also did Week 5, Day 1 of Couch to 5K.  Whoever has formulated the Couch to 5k plan has done something wrong.  The plan starts out with steady increases in run time versus walk time.  Then you hit week 5, where they expect you to run 5 full minutes.  And from what Nicole has said, today I am supposed to run 6 minutes. The 5 minute run was NOT easy.  But again, with my favorite sports bra on, I managed to complete the run/walk. 

So how did I celebrate? I decided to go out with a friend from work at 5:30 pm.  That led to countless glasses of wine, a burger and fries.  At least I did not go home and drink more wine.  I woke up on Sunday basically unable to move.  For dinner that night, I decided to make baked chicken nuggets and zucchini fries.  Perhaps this is my way of faking the old "eat some grease to get over a hangover" rule. Check out the recipe here. I highly recommend this.

On Monday, I had a presentation during lunch. Of course, Pizza was served.  I have not had a slice of real (a/k/a not Lean Cuisine frozen pizza) in ages.  I ate ONE slice, skipped the "healthy salad" (the salad was far from healthy because it had all the good stuff in it - cheese, walnuts, etc.) and skipped the massive tray of desserts. I kept it healthy for dinner too. And I counted all of the Weight Watchers points.

 So, as I said before, I weigh in on Saturdays.  But, I peeked today to make sure I did not ruin my attempt to keep the scale going down by making some "live life" choices on Saturday night.  All good so far!  Luckily, I learned you can enjoy some burgers, pizza and fries every once in a while......

*Pizza photo is from Pizza Brothers. 

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