Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Weekly Weigh In: See Jane Socialize


Well, I really do not have much to report this week.  Last week, I did manage to weigh in - and I was down 1.6 pounds.  I was very happy with that result.  Of course, that was prior to my Saturday night festivities (do we see a trend here???).  Saturday night, I hosted 15 wonderful, near and dear friends at my apartment for a dinner party.  Of course, the dinner party turned into a buffet because, well, my place is just not big enough to have 15 seated friends at a table.  Let's just say the night consisted of lots of cheese, wine, more wine, more cheese, and...well..munchkins.

Once again, I have stepped on the scale mid-week and I am up about half a pound.  I am trying to refocus and get back on track this week. Hopefully, Saturday will see another success.

As for the running - complete failure.  I have not been outside to run in over a week. I did manage to force myself to go to the gym once this past week.  Again, time to refocus on that.

What will next week bring??? We shall see.

Today's recipe is my homemade whipped cream.  Its not diet friendly -- but it was a hit at the party and it could not be any easier (and cheaper and tastier than Redi-Whip or Cool Whip).


Confession: I haven’t run in a week. I have worked out (once) but I have not gone running.  HoBOOken is in 18 days. What am I thinking?!?!? Well, for starters, I am exhausted. I did some boxing drills with Ash last week and some light weight training but the thought of running just makes me want to hide under the covers (and take a nap while I’m there).  So what did I do to pull myself away from my desire to nap?


This time, losing my mind means I signed up for the Walking Dead Escape (which made the Love List a couple of weeks ago) because nothing addresses my need to rest like crawling and climbing through an obstacle course while being chased by zombies. I also signed up for a 5K walk sponsored by the Alliance for Lupus Research. By the time HoBOOken rolls around, I will either be ready to run or I will magically transform into a volunteer at the first water station.

As for weight, today marks a milestone of sorts. As of this morning, I am down a total of 10 pounds. Some of that (about 2 pounds) is pre-Couch to 5K (remember the mini challenge from June?). Most of the weight loss is from the 3-day juice cleanse I did in September. I did gain a couple of pounds after the cleanse but it came back off pretty easily.

I clearly can’t attribute this week’s weight loss to running. I actually think it’s the boxing, which burns a surprising amount of calories (and clears every ounce of frustration). I’ve also been really strict with my eating habits—except on Friday and Saturday nights when I open the gate to my stomach for wine and whatever seems yummy. Sometimes, it’s pizza. Sometimes, it’s chips and guacamole. Sometimes, it’s any and every thing in between. I don’t restrict myself and obsess over how many calories I’m inhaling. I go for whatever I’m in the mood for.  I’m not saying that’s a healthy way to go but it works for me. It’s those “cheat day” meals that keep me from buying bags of Halloween candy during a grocery trip that started as a fresh veggie run. 

For the rest of the week, I stick to simple, clean foods most of the time. Breakfast is usually fruit or a fresh made green juice of some sort. For lunch and dinner, there are LOTS of salads loaded with veggies, a good amount of grains (lately, I’m defaulting to farro), a little bit of dairy and virtually no bread (I do eat the light rye Wasa crackers and will use a wrap, pita or flatbread when eating a sandwich). Sounds exciting right? Well, it is NOT a giant cheesecake (my personal fave) but I’m full at the end of the day and I’m doing what I set out to do: get healthy and lose weight. I also feel like it’s sustainable because I like what I’m eating.

Finally, if I could give any advice this week, it would be to avoid the scale like the plague after a cheat day(s). Unfortunately, I have to weigh myself every day (Yes. EVERY. DAY.) because of the risk of water retention with PAH. The morning after that awesome dinner party Robyn mentioned, I was up 3 pounds!!! 3.1 to be exact. Despite the wine, cheese, and munchkins (AND the lasagna rolls, baked ziti, spinach and kale bites, stuffed mushrooms, chocolate pie topped with homemade whipped cream and dessert martini I had) I watched my portions so I knew I didn’t eat 3 pounds worth of calories (approx. 10,500 calories). Yet, it still freaked me out. Luckily by weigh-in (today), I was down 2.3 pounds from last week’s weigh in...despite having sliders (today’s recipe) last night.  

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