Thursday, October 31, 2013

Love List

1. Flats are on trend and my feet are happy. I love the modern colors on these classic wingtips. Price too steep? Go for a fun DIY option like these.

2. This bracelet/ring combo caught my eye because its Halloween but I love it enough to wear it year round. Spiders and their webs have never been so chic.

3. I use essential oils all the time. My favorites during the winter months are eucalyptus and peppermint. Peppermint keeps you alert and eucalyptus helps with decongestion. My office and my car smell like a spa. When I came across this post on Apartment Therapy on essential oils that improve productivity, it made me want to go shopping.

4. Karen Kimmel inspires youth and their families to create art in whatever medium they desire. These bolos can be used as keychains and handbag charms. They're bright and beautiful enough on their own but with the good cause behind them, who can resist.

5. These coasters make me want to DIY my own set using a fallen tree in the back yard but (a) I don't have any fallen trees in my backyard and (b) its easier and no doubt, more affordable ($15 for the set of 4) to pick these up from West Elm.

6. I've been in New York long enough to realize that most people in the city are transients. These cute tees by The Home. T. are a great way to remind yourself of home while declaring to the outside world you're still holding on to some hometown pride.

7. This is not my ode to stick figures. It's an actual Halloween costume. I love the originality behind this idea and you have to see him move. To see this little LED stick figure in action, click here.

8.It is no secret that I have lupus and PAH. This vase might seem morbid to some but I love it. Seeing flowers bursting from the chambers of an anatomically correct heart somehow speaks to healing and joy for me.  It would also make for a great conversation piece. You can buy it here

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