Thursday, November 14, 2013

Love List

1. As you know, I love experimenting with my nails. These nail wraps by Jamberry are perfect (and perfectly priced) for making a quick job of my weekly manicure.

2. All of my keys look alike. Inevitably, I am trying each one in the various doors I unlock in a given day. What better way to distinguish my house key from my office key than with custom shaped keys. Love this Heart & Home key by Stat Key.

3. Sånd is the answer to the Playdough void I didn't realize I had until I saw Sånd. I haven't used Playdough in years but this stuff (kinetic sand) makes me want to dust off my sculpting skills! 

4. I love these coasters by Terrain. They scream fall and I love their simple, clean lines. They've even inspired a DIY project for my Thanksgiving table setting. Stay tuned.

5. I've been working hard not to buy every clothing item I like lately. This post from Who What Wear puts 12 rational questions between you and your next purchase so you want have buyer's remorse.

6. Love these cut maps by Dan Linden. It's a unique holiday gift that gives a shout out to your city in a chic way.

7. I admit I am a little obsessed with Candy Crush. And by little, I mean I play every night. Apparently, I am not the only one since Dylan's Candy Bar is now selling the actual candy from the game. Stocking stuffer anyone?

8. If you're from Brooklyn, married to someone from Brooklyn or live in Brooklyn, these cool little song lyric pillows should be right up your alley...since Brooklyn tends to meet you, shake your hand and then claim you and leave you shouting it's it is it's own country. With it's own get it. Brooklyn goes hard.

9. This Measure Equivalents poster is so charming. It's also perfect for me considering how much I Google measurement conversions while cooking. You'd think I'd have learned them by now but no matter! Lettered and Lined has the solution!

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