Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Love List

1. Project Room's Metallic Leather Tangram Coasters serve a duel purpose at the table. Protect your surfaces from water spots and play games to see who can arrange the coasters into the most unique shape/animal.

2. Emily McDowell's Tiny Encouragement Cards put a fresh spin on the standard thank you card. Buy a pack or two and give them freely. Make someone's day.

3. I love the story behind A Peace Treaty's Jewelry and this lapis ring is EVERYTHING. It's definitely on my Christmas wish list.

4. The first time I saw one of the prints from Julie's Kitchen, I thought the ingredients were painted on. Then, I realized I was looking at real food and I geeked out. Each print showcases a bit of nature's harvested beauty. The Avocados print shown here is the perfect addition to our kitchen and may just inspire a new color scheme.

5. I love these useful little magnetic hooks for their versatility. I am thinking of using them as accessory hooks in my dressing room (that sounds a lot fancier than it is).

6. These Ninfee (water lily) bowls are almost too pretty to use. I'd use them for dips at parties, accessory holders, votive holders, etc. The colors remind me of spring and I am, of course, drawn to the green ones.

7. These custom return address stamps by Paper Pastries put every mailing label sticker I've ever had to shame. Must have.

8. These customizable wooden flash drives by mini-Fab add a little interest to a necessary tool.

9. Who knew a family tree could look like a cool, artistic sunburst. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Modern Trees offers several designs that allow you to honor you history in a way that suits your sense of style. 

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