Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Thanksgiving is Just Around the Corner

Thanksgiving is just 15 days away. I'm already trying to narrow down my recipe wish list. Let's just say I binged on recipe clipping from Pinterest, Food Network, Martha Stewart and my favorite food blogs last month. I remember when recipe ideas only came from the Today Show...and (if you're a regular reader) you know how that turned out.

I realized over the weekend that I can only cook so much before people are knocking on the door ready to eat and enjoy family time. So, the narrowing begins. As of today, I'm set on the traditional elements we always have (turkey, ham, stuffing, mac and cheese, broccoli, rice and cheese casserole, deviled eggs, sweet potato pie) but everything else is up in the air. I'm sure you're like, good grief, isn't that enough? Well, there are some traditional Trinidadian favorites to incorporate, more side dishes to whip up, assorted breads to bloat the hell out of everyone and of course, an assortment of small desserts to push the food coma into overdrive. There's still a question of what I will eat as a main course (I am the lone vegetarian in my family) AND THEN there are the cocktails. I usually do at least one signature cocktail. Sigh. I can feel the weight of my to do list. How I'm going to do that with my aches and fatigue remains to be seen.

Anyway, Ash and I finalized our guest list over dinner last night. If everyone accepts, we could have 30 people. I know everyone won't be able to accept but I'm planning as if they will. I'm not shopping until we've heard from everyone. What I am doing is following this awesome planning checklist from Williams-Sonoma, at least for the things that are relevant to my meal plans. Just reading it makes me feel woefully unprepared yet, also like I will be prepared come Thanksgiving.

Tonight's goal: Buy non-perishable items. Don't be jealous! Happy Hump Day (or Wednesday for those of you who've had it with the Geico camel)! Make sure to look for my Thanksgiving meal recipes at Scalded Pot over the next two weeks! 

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