Sunday, November 10, 2013

Typhoon Haiyan: How You Can Help

On Friday, Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines impacting about 4 million people (1.7 million of whom are children). Today, there are reports that over 10,000 people are dead—most from Tacloban, the largest and hardest hit city on the island. Many of those who have survived have lost everything. The storm is being called one of the worst ever with winds gusting between 150 and 170 miles per hour. The storm is still raging (though it has weakened a bit) and is expected to hit Vietnam tomorrow.
Relief efforts have started but some areas are still cut off because of mudslides and blocked roads. Complicating the problem is the desperation of survivors. People are looting to gather supplies for survival. It is critical that relief agencies get the support they need to help in the Philippines and ultimately in Vietnam as well. If you want to help, donate to one of the agencies below.
World Food Program: The organization is providing emergency food assistance to families in the area. 
Philippine Red Cross: The organization has already deployed rescue and relief teams to assess damage in the area and provide needed supplies to families in the area. 
American Red Cross: The Red Cross is accepting donations to help people affected by Typhoon Haiyam. 
Americares: Americares will deliver medical and humanitarian aid to people in need. 
Salvation Army: This organization is accepting cash donations to allow responders to address needs of survivors. One hundred percent of all donations go to support relief operations. 
Mercy Corps: This organization is deploying emergency workers to the Philippines to meet urgent humanitarian needs of survivors. Donations will help survivors meet their basic needs and begin rebuilding. 

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