Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Gift List (DIY)

The season is ripe and it's time for the annual gift list series. I'm kicking this year's series off with a group of cool DIY projects. I always think handmade gifts are slightly more special. Consider this years DIYs for the ones you love. Instruction links are below.

1. The look of this mug is expensive and chic. It is chic but far from expensive. Think of doing this treatment on a set of mugs, wine glasses, vases or picture frames. DIY Instructions here.

2. I love the look of ombre and so does my sister. This quick and easy DIY ombre tee is the perfect gift. I'm thinking metallic colors on a long sleeved tee. DIY Instructions here.

3. I love the sheer color on these vases. They would look lovely in a kitchen window or clustered on a mantel. Great hostess gift. DIY Instructions here.

4. The dangly jeweled earrings are edgy and girly at the same time. Experiment with different colors and chain finishes. DIY Instructions here.

5. You can't get much easier than drawing and painting on coffee mugs. Think of sayings that will appeal to the coffee and tea lovers in your life and draw away. I'm thinking of using these as a favor at an upcoming party. DIY Instructions here.

6. These cameo hairpins are super sweet and girly. Give them to someone in your life who is drawn to sweet, delicate accessories. DIY Instructions here.

7. I love these dip dyed dinner napkins. They make the perfect gift for a new home owner or someone who entertains often. DIY Instructions here.

8. I love these key necklaces. Tiffany & Co. has a whole line of diamond and precious metal key pendants but if you want to go the cheaper route, these colorful takes on the trend are spot on. DIY Instructions here.

9. Two toned sunglasses? Why not? They are perfect for your quirky, trendy friends and family. DIY Instructions here.

10. Customized pillows are all over my radar lately. I am working on a NY themed area in my house and saw some really cute subway pillows. This DIY gave me an idea for making my own. You'll meed heat transfer material, which you can find here. DIY Instructions here.

11. Burberry makes a cute pair of heart printed calfskin and leather gloves but they are $650. You can keep the cuteness factor and save some money by making your own. These would be perfect for people like me who lose one side of my glove sets every year. DIY Instructions here.

12. Finally, studded headbands make a cute hair accessory without much cost. I will definitely be making these since I have some studded trim left over from a accessory box I made earlier this year. DIY Instructions here

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