Thursday, January 16, 2014

Love List

1. I love the Hey Hair Genius videos over at Glamour. Now that my hair is so long, I am working on perfecting my fishtail braid skills.

2. So...artisanal toast. Apparently, it's a thing on the west coast--specifically in San Francisco...and the bread lover in me is here for every part of it!! If it's not a thing in NYC coffee shops by Summer, I'll be surprised.

3. I've been loving red grapefruit as a snack lately. I find it refreshing. I also use grapefruit juice in cocktails quite a bit. When I saw a recipe for grapefruit sorbet on Say Yes to Hoboken, I knew I had to try it.

4. The Beauty Department is a easy tutorial for DIY matte lipstick. I'm trying to break out of my "lip gloss over lipstick fo' life" habit. So far, I'm not hating it but I'm also not loving it. This tutorial made me reconsider. At the very least, it will save me from buying another lipstick that will end up at the bottom of my makeup bag.

5. I've been on a scarf kick lately. The problem is styling them without looking like a grandma. Leave it to Brit + Co. to give us a million (ok, 15) ways to style a scarf. Check it out here.

6. I've always been a silver and stainless steel kind of least until sometime last year. I've been on a gold kick since getting my first rose gold watch. Ok...more of an obsession than a kick. It's now pushing it's way into my home decor. Now you understand why these bowls from CB2 are right up my alley.

7. Lupita Nyong'o! Her performance in 12 Years A Slave was heart wrenchingly beautiful and she's been popping up all over since then...especially after her statement making Golden Globes gown (stunner). Whether you've heard of her or not, here's ten things about her you don't know (unless, of course, you've already read the Dazed Magazine article).

8. It's officially Oscar season. Here are this year's nominees. Now, it's time to start planning an Oscar party. Here are some cute ideas.

9. The Holderness' video Christmas card (#XMASJammies) went viral at the start of the year so you've probably seen it. I think it's brilliant (both for its fun twist on holiday greetings and for its marketing value) and this is my love list so I decided to share it anyway, just in case there's anyone who hasn't seen it. 

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