Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday Quotable

I know it's six days into the year but this is my first post of 2014 so, blast the confetti guns, throw on something sparkly and say it with me--Happy New Year! Also, Happy Monday. If you are anywhere dealing with the smackdown of winter weather, you probably needed that...well, that, a hug and a big mug of hot chocolate (or Irish Coffee--whatever floats your boat).

As you know from last year's Resolution Redux post, I try to avoid the New Year's Resolution thing. I have goals for the year. Looking back at my goals for last year, I was successful with 8 of the 12 goals I set. Not a complete flop but totally not a respectable percentage. If I were in school, I'd still have an F (67%). So this year, I got a little more regimented and a lot simpler thanks to Pinterest. You can see the guide I used here. Here's the breakdown.

1. Procrastination (argh!) continues to be a terrible habit of mine. I push things to the last minute and it is often to my detriment. I've spent more money, lost money and had some bad experiences all because I continued to put things off. It has to stop. So for another year, procrastination is in the crosshairs. Here's hoping--NO! HERE'S DECLARING that I won't miss the target this year.

2. The new skill I'd like to learn is coding. There is so much I want to do with my blog and while the platform  I use makes it easy, it can only take me so far. Look for changes as I learn more. Interested, here are some great resources.

3. There are tons of role models I could be more like and depending on the situation, I could want to be more like everyone from Jesus to my mom. So rather than being more like a particular person, I want to be discerning enough to draw on the proper inspiration for each situation. I also want to be more centered and more of my true self.

4. I'm going to continue with my current volunteer work but I'd like do a little surprise gifting to help lift a burden or brighten a day. There will be more than one but I haven't planned them out. I do know it will start with my neighbors. Here's to making someone else's life brighter.

5. We really want to go to Australia and Thailand. We have friends who've been to both recently and we have fully visualized ourselves on beaches on the other side of the world (literally). I'm already looking at travel packages. This year, Australia might win out...unless we win the lottery and can afford both in one year. Thinking big!!

6. I plan to read a book a month again this year. I successfully completed the challenge in 2013 (though I failed to review the last few books...I promise they're coming soon). My book for January is Cemetery Girl by David Bell. I'll list the rest of the list for the year in the next What I'm Reading.

7. I almost skipped the resolution requiring me to write a letter but I changed my mind. This year, I'd like to write submission letters accompanying my writing to several publications. This year, expanding my writing portfolio is up near the top of my goal list, coming second only to some personal health and family growth goals. (Does "family growth goals" scream I want a baby? Yeah? Ok. Good.)

8. I'm not really afraid to try any type of food. Being vegetarian limits me a bit but I'm game for most meals. When I got to this resolution, I tried to focus on types of food rather than one dish. I landed on trying more raw foods. It's totally based on a delicious raw lasagna I had at Candle 79 quite a while back (sadly, it is no longer on the menu). I always wanted to recreate it at home. This resolution (and--let's be real--the lack of its presence on the current Candle 79 menu) gives me the perfect opportunity.

9. Finally, I'm going to be better at putting myself higher on my list. I still struggle with leaving myself for last, which usually means I don't get to me at all. Exercise, meditation, spa appointments, hair appointments, sleep--anything that would fall into "me time" is always on my wish list. I never get to it. I've got to do better. Plain and simple.

In addition to the resolution list, I made a bucket list of sorts. Rather than disclose everything on the list, I am going to hold myself accountable by making my adventures a feature on the blog. Let's go make 2014 our biggest year yet. Ready? Set, Go!

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