Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Setting the Tone

When New Year’s Eve rolls around, people all over the world strap on the pressure of making it the perfect night. Tales of epic celebrations past convince people to pay hundreds of dollars to get dolled up for the pleasure of rubbing elbows with strangers around an open bar for a few hours. Why? Because we’re told New Year’s Eve sets the tone for the year to come. Yeeeeeaaaaaah…I let go of that a long time ago. Ash and I let the wind carry us into each new year. We’ve been in Times Square to see the ball drop (and we didn’t have to line up 8 hours before thanks to a kind officer who went to school with Ash). We’ve been to house parties. We’ve been home having cocktails and a nice dinner. And we’ve gone out and found some random fun. This year fell into the random category.

I worked until 3:00 on New Years Eve. As I drove home, snow started to fall. I was nervous it would throw a wet blanket (or a snowy blanket?) on the night but it stopped by the time I got home. We met at the gym and joined. Resolution game on 10!

After, we headed to the grocery store to shop for the nice dinner we’d planned for New Year’s Day. The problem is we went without a list or an idea in our heads of what to make. After wandering the aisles for a while, the only thing in the cart was ginger beer for the Moscow Mules I’d planned to make later that evening. Leave it to me to plan the cocktail and not the meal. We eventually gave up and decided to go out on New Year’s Day.

As we were driving home, I realized it was super early (about 5:30) and we needed to eat before doing whatever we were going to do that night. So, we went to Zinburger for dinner. Yes, it was right after joining the gym. Like I said before, don’t judge. We bellied up to the bar for dinner because the place was mobbed—though we routinely sit at the bar. Better, quicker service. Plus, I find the bar to be the fun hub of all restaurants. It appeals to the people watcher in me. But I digress.

Two minutes after sitting down, the bartender had our drinks down and was talking to us about his wife being in labor. We’ve become slightly friendly during the 3 times we’ve been there since it opened back in October. Awww! A New Year’s baby. Sweet news for the part of me that wants to be a mom (that's putting it mildly but if you read regularly, you know that already).

During dinner, our bartender started offering crafted cocktails to replace the wine and beer we were sipping on. He heard me talking about my Moscow Mules and told me about his technique. A couple of food magazine descriptions later and Ash had ordered a Manhattan and I had a Moscow Mule. Both were awesome. So far, we were batting 1000.

We left Zinburger and headed home without a clue as to what was next. Once we got there, we changed and I was suddenly all about karaoke. Blame the Mule. We stopped at our date night bar to say hi to friends. After some wine (for me), we headed into the city for my karaoke adventure. As we (and by we, I mean Ash) drove into the city, I realized it was 11:58. I made Ash pull into a gas station on the highway so we wouldn’t be driving at midnight. We weren’t the only ones with that bright idea. The Mobil station was turn up central. People were out of their cars. We counted down, kissed and got all new and misty eyed, wished our fellow revelers well and continued our journey. A few blocks from Koreatown (the place for all things karaoke in NYC), we ran over something and got a flat tire.

FUN TIMES!! Ash pulled over, changed the tire in less than 10 minutes and we got right back on the road. It could have ruined the night but we weren’t willing to let it. Ultimately, karaoke didn’t work out because it was mobbed (two hour wait and a $200 bottle requirement for a private room). We opted to join friends at a club downtown instead. We skipped the line and were escorted in and we had an awesome time. The night ended kinda weirdly but I will leave that to your imagination for the protection of the not so innocent. Let’s just say we played the mediators in a Razzie worthy melodrama.

That’s all she wrote and, I wouldn’t have it any other way. If it set the tone for 2014, I see a little bit of going with the flow, staying positive, tackling issues without panic, and most importantly, making our own fun. There is a lot I want to accomplish which you know from Monday’s post but I don’t feel pressure. I feel like everything is possible and I am counting on 2014 to be a game changer. Here’s to the finding your bliss—whatever it looks like--new year! Cheers! 

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