Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Weekly Weigh In: See Jane Refocus

The Weekly Weigh In is back. Well, kinda (Robyn will be back next week). Robyn and I have been “gearing up” to re-focus on our health since she visited Australia. Our intentions were good and there were some intensely focused days but with the holidays (dinners, parties), things lapsed a bit (goodbye discipline) and expanded a lot (hello, new waistline) but let’s not dwell on that. After the work I did preparing for the 5K, thinking about my muffin top just hurts my feelings…and I’m not into sadness in 2014 (how convenient for me…can you tell I’m running from the accountability gremlins)?

SO…New year, new us. We’ve both doing Weight Watchers. I decided to give up SparkPeople for the moment. I will say I did love SparkPeople for their online tools, particularly the calorie tracker, exercise routines and recipe suggestions. In fact, the site is largely the same as Weight Watchers’ online offering and it’s free. It worked really well for my uncle who lost almost 100 pounds. That said, I couldn’t stay focused. When my mom, sister and Robyn all re-upped their commitment to Weight Watchers, I hopped on the bandwagon. It worked for me back in 2005. I actually lost about 60 pounds. Then I got sick and lost another 15. I was at a good weight until about the middle of 2009 when I gained the sick weight back and then kept going (emotional lay-off eating). Fast forward to 2014 and I am 35 pounds heavier than I want to be.

Pause. That makes me sad.

Ok. (sobbing) I’m ok. (sniffles) Water under the bridge (or fat under my Spanx) and all that. I’m refocused, back in the gym and eating a balanced diet not at all reminiscent of the holidays. My only vice is my inner party girl. Mind you, at my age, my inner party girl dances at home while getting ready and then goes for wine and indulgent food. Maybe if my inner party girl was still 25, I’d be a lot skinnier from dancing my way through NYC clubs. Oh, the memories. Ok. I’m back. Let’s get into it.

I joined a new gym on New Year’s Eve (before heading to Zinburger for an early, pre-NYE festivities dinner). Healthy right? Don’t judge.  After dinner and a couple of glasses of wine, we headed into the city…oh wait, this is the weight loss post. I’ll tell you about NYE later…

So, I joined the gym. 24 Hour Fitness, to be exact. The point of the switch was to take advantage of a wide variety of cardio classes. The treadmill and elliptical were way over for me after the 5K.  After joining, it took me a full week to actually go to the gym but today, I finally went. I opted for a Zumba class.
I should let you know that I love to dance. When I dance around my house, I am channeling my inner Beyoncé. In my head, I see something like this.

Let me tell you something. I am great in the club. Choreography, however, is Not. My. Friend. I mean really. Zumba kicked my ass and I’ve taken Salsa lessons. My favorite part of the class was the killer squat sets because I was planted firmly in one place. Who cares if my legs were on fire? At least I wasn’t bopping around like a drunken muppet! 

My sister, who LOVES Zumba encouraged me and told me to hang in there. The moves will come. If they do, I’ll be doing some hybrid of Latin and Indian dance (yes, there were Bollywood moves in my unfortunate dance experience) and whittling away my waistline. If not, I’ll go back to step (which I mastered—and got bored with—back in college) or try Aqua Zumba. At least then, no one will see my feet.  

Next week, I’m going to spin (which has always been a favorite of mine) and trying out the Les Mills classes (CX WORX, BodyPump and BodyCombat). That should make for an interesting post.

In terms of food, I’ve been pretty balanced this week. I’ve opted for oatmeal for breakfast, soups and salads for lunch and a veggie burger, a variety of sandwich wraps, and measured portions of pasta for dinner. Exciting right? I know. If I had to designate a recipe for this week, it would be the dessert I’ve been loving lately. I chop up about 5 strawberries and 1 banana and mix them in a bowl. I top that with 2 tablespoons of Greek yogurt (vanilla with honey or vanilla with salted caramel by The Greek Gods) and crumble a piece (or 2) of Sheila G’s brownie brittle on top. It hits the right spot for my sweet craving after dinner.

There you have it. I’m back at square one. Robyn wants to train for a 10K and like I said last year, I’m down—albeit a bit scared after my abysmal 5K. I’d like to do a Color Run (another 5K). It’s on my adventure list for the year. No matter what we do, we’re moving and we’ll get to our respective goals. We’ll be sharing our stories, tips and recipes along the way. We’re even starting a monthly newsletter. Look out for the launch and subscribe when you can! If you’re in it with us, woo-hoo!! Hugs! Now, get down and give me 20! Or 2…you know…whatever you can do. (Sheesh, I’d make a terrible trainer). Cheers! 

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