Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Weekly Weigh In


Well, I am back and NOT better than before.  Last time I posted, I'd just achieved a 5K, was down about 5 pounds and ready to go down under! Well, all of that was a great success…..I will not bore anyone with the details of Australia – but it is a MUST see AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  Great experience.  Although I did not diet while down unda (yes, that is how it really is pronounced in Australia), I was quite active between all of the sightseeing, climbing Syndey Bridge (shown below), hiking, etc.  I am happy to report I gained very little over my two week journey.

Then I came home.  Next was Thanksgiving.  Then Chanukah (which, overlapped with Thanksgiving so YES I did partake in turkey and latkes in one meal).  Then X-mas parties, X-Mas and a New Years Eve.  And everything in between – meaning more excuses to partake in wine and … well…fattening food.  So, I am back up the 5 pounds I lost and then some…..

So, I just recommitted to Weight Watchers yesterday.  Luckily, Nicole is joining me on this mission this time.  And yes, I still want to do a 10K in the spring.  Maybe next week I can drag myself back to the gym and start with Couch to 5K all over again.  Baby steps.

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My recipe of the week is one I intended to make this weekend from Skinnytaste: Spinach and Feta Stuffed Chicken. I still haven't made it but it looks delish!!

Let’s hope next week I can report a loss in weight (even if it is small). Again, baby steps.



Last week, I told you I was back with Weight Watchers (WW). I faithfully tracked my points everyday (if you’re unfamiliar with the WW PointsPlus system, read more here)—even on date night. I’m happy I did it because I learned I’ve regularly been eating like a cow. I may as well be shoveling cookie dough down my throat. 

There I was at the bar with my phone in hand. The WW app was open and I was dutifully searching foods and entering my dinner points. The thin crust margherita flatbread I regularly order (and planned to order that night) finally popped up on screen. People, I had to do a double take. There it was smacking me in the face…or perhaps in my pinching my muffin top…the meal is 40 points. Yes, I said 40. FOR.TY.  I’ve had that flatbread with wine many times as a date night dinner.  I’ve even split an appetizer with Ash before having it.

NO WONDER MY ASS (among other things) IS SO BIG!

Seriously, no diet ever stood a chance. The crazy thing is I’ve looked up the nutrition information before. It does have a lot of calories but I always rationalized it because I’d usually have a banana for breakfast and a salad for lunch on date night. I was able to stay within my 1600 calories a day but I wasn’t losing anything. This has taught me why. Forty points is 8 points over my total daily allowance. I always eat breakfast and lunch so there is no way in hell I can have a whole flatbread for dinner. I can have a portion and add a side salad or I can find another favorite on the menu. I can also plan ahead so I’m not stuck sitting at our bar on date night, jaw on the floor as I stare at the point values of my favorite foods.

So, I opted for veggie fajitas for dinner that night and they were yummy and filling. AND, my dedication to the tracker—and the program itself—paid off.  I lost 2 pounds and I’m motivated to keep pushing.

As for this week’s activities, I opted for Zumba (I’m getting the hang of it) and light circuit training with weights. I also discovered a rope climbing machine. It's a killer but I kinda want to conquer it. Crazy arm workout! I had every intention of getting up to make a spin class at 8:00 Saturday morning but…let’s just say Friday night was a very late night. I only vaguely remember shutting off my alarm and I slept until noon. This week, there will be more Zumba and I’ve added in yoga (which is MUCH tougher than I remember). My goal is to be able to do a plank for a minute (without my weak arms shaking violently) in 30 days. I’ll keep you posted.

Finally, this week’s recipe is one I got from A BeautifulMess: Warm Brussel Sprout Salad. It is delicious and super filling because of the bread. I will confess that it isn’t a low point food (about 12 points per serving) if you’re on WW but you can adapt it by changing the dressing (the one from the recipe uses mayo, lime juice, garlic and olive oil). Decreasing the oil and subbing in mustard for mayo will bring the points right down.  Make sure to check the food page for other dishes I'm making throughout the week and for Friday Happy Hour. I'm going for "skinny" versions of my favorites this month.  

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