Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Weekly Weigh In


Welcome to week 2 of my recommitment to Weight Watchers.  I am down 1 pound this week, for a total loss of 1.8.  I was very happy with that.  EXCEPT, the cheater in me happens to weigh myself every single day and I know I am back up again.  Let’s see where we are on Saturday (my normal weigh in day).
I will admit that although I have recommitted to the diet, I have not exactly been tracking my points as habitually as I should. As a result, I realized I need to start going to meetings again. They keep me accountable. And, well, with these COLD, frigid temps, I just have not gone.  I also figure this week is a loss (not in terms of weight) – meaning – I have an event Thursday night, dinner plans Saturday and who can forget the Superbowl on Sunday.  

So, my goal this week is to get through it, keep my head high, and enjoy.  Next week, I’ll be back on track and better than before.  I also have not been to the gym.  I truly miss the ability to go run outside and, well frankly, the gym intimidates me mostly because I cannot figure out how to get the treadmills off of 20 minute intervals. Sigh.

As for today’s recipe, as I mentioned – I am really looking forward to the Superbowl.  I am a huge sports fan, and Superbowl Sunday is one of my favorite days of the year. I love the pre-game, the game and the post-game.  I also love the finger food and wine.  I have been making baked chicken wings every year for the past few years for Superbowl Sunday and they are ALMOST as delicious as the fried ones (still not healthy, but as I mentioned – it’s the Superbowl).  So bake your wings, save yourself some points….Enjoy!  Recipe courtesy of Alton Brown (Tip: Use Frank’s Hot Sauce).

Well peeps, the honeymoon is over. That didn’t take long did it? You’ll have to pardon my flair for the dramatic. Here’s what happened. I am up 0.2 pounds. I know. It’s nothing to flip out about…especially considering the barrage of culinary sins I indulged in this weekend.  It’s more about the trend I was on. Losing 2 pounds (or more) a week encouraged me and made be think my goal could be in the very near future. Part of me knew that wasn’t sustainable but boy was I excited. Anytime I can be excited about getting on a scale is, well, awesome. But, here we are in weight gain land and I’m back to my tense relationship with the scale. What’s a girl to do? I came up with a few answers to that question.
First, learn from the previous week’s mistakes: This week, I know my gain came from too much food and too little working out. I did yoga and Zumba last Monday but wasn’t able to make it back to the gym for the rest of the week. I have to do better about planning gym time when I have meetings or fun events during my normal gym time.

Second, don’t beat yourself up: The first weigh in resulting in a gain usually makes me want to have a cheat night.  The story banging around in my head goes something like this: “I worked out this week but I still gained…and I ate salads all week. If I’m going to gain, I may as well have the slice of cheesecake instead of the all natural, organic, unsweetened homemade popsicles I made.

Third, start fresh every day (or whenever you need to). It sounds cheesy but every day really does present a new start. If you mess up on...oh, I don't know....Superbowl Sunday, there is always a new start on Recovery Monday. Life happens. Live your life in the way you're comfortable and then hit the gym and make healthy eating choices. Give the body a chance to detox and recover.  

Finally, don't rely solely on the scale: Weight distributes itself all over the body. Sometimes scales are off or your water retention levels are high. You need another neutral way to check your progress. Invest a small amount of money into a soft measuring tape (the kind that's used to measure you for clothes fittings). Take your measurements each week to see where you are. You'll be surprised what you're shedding even when the scale stubbornly stays the same. 

When making a lifestyle change (read: dieting), you have to resign yourself to the fact that there will be some frustrating weigh-ins. There will be times when you work your tush off and see little to no change on the scale. There are times when you cheat and you lose weight. You can never predict with certainty what the weigh in will be like each week. Be encouraged. At the end of the day, you are doing something positive for your body and despite little anomalies here and there, you will generally see positive results when you work hard. 

For those joining us on this weight loss journey, what have you learned from less than stellar weigh-ins? What tips do you use to stay on track? 

My recipe this week is a simple pasta I made out of desperation. I needed to use up my daily points but I wanted to be healthy in doing it...and be full at the end of it. I came up with what I call a pantry dump pasta. It basically means I looked through my pantry and grabbed a bunch of stuff added a few staples from the fridge and voila! Dinner time. The recipe is here. 

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