Monday, February 17, 2014

Ads vs. Reality: McDonald's and Makeup

Today's quotable was about being your true self and how it is the greatest gift you can offer yourself in this life. When I came across this video comparing expertly styled food from the McDonald's menu with what you actually get when you drive thru, I thought it was perfect to share. So often, we have our commercial side ready to go after a little time alone with the makeup bag. The bright, shiny finished product is what we show the world. When we get home, the real us (hair pulled back or wrapped in a scarf, freshly scrubbed face, comfy clothes) makes an appearance.

Which one is preferable? I mean, would the world fall apart if we looked fresh faced everyday (the idea behind Makeup Free Mondays)? Would anyone (besides your mom and your girlfriends) even notice? Unless you are super beat by a glam squad every morning, I would venture to say the answer is no. At most, people may just think you look a little tired.

I may want my food to look like the highly styled (and likely inedible) version that enticed me in the commercial (though I don't eat McDonald's) but in real life, I think I prefer the real thing flaws and all (despite my slight obsession with beauty products).

p/s Who knew McDonald's could inspire soul searching beyond the Supersize Me movement? I must either be really tired or really hungry. Until tomorrow, cheers!! 


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