Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Gift Guide: Valentine's Day

I'm not super obsessed with Valentine's Day (read more here) but it is the perfect time to do something nice for those you love. It doesn't have to be a  big investment. A simple card will do the trick but if you're so inclined, here are some fun ideas to show a little love in a way that doesn't involve mylar balloons that play Mambo No. 5 or a drug store stuffed animal (unless your loves are into that kinda thing).

Art Love: Whether you fill a canvas with hand painted lyrics to a special song or paint a place special to both of you, the personal touch offered by one of a kind art is sentimental, thoughtful and unforgettably uniq

Food Love: Valentine's Day often seems to be about the sweets. Why go for a box of heart shaped mystery chocolates when you can make a much better product yourself? It can be as easy as melting chocolate and letting it harden in a candy mold or as hard as making gourmet truffles. No matter what, your loved ones will appreciate your hard work over any sampler box...unless they happen to have a serious affinity for the Russian Roulette of the mystery candy box.

Retro Love: If you or your loved ones have days gone by on the brain, go retro with your gift. T-Shirts with 80s movie moments, Necco Conversation Hearts, and Vintage Valentine's Day cards are all available online. You can also make a date of it and look for an 80s prom in your area. There's a popular one here in NYC. If you want to DIY, get a gable box from your local craft store and fill it with a variety of sweet snacks from childhood.

Lovely Reads: I'm not talking paperback romance novels with Fabio on the cover. I'm thinking coffee table books like the new one by Drew Barrymore or books of love poems (think Pablo Neruda). If you want to go a little racier, why not give an ornate looking copy of the Kama Sutra (with yoga lessons...because, really, who is that limber??). For friends and family, think about books with quotes and stories about love.
Music Love: You can't go wrong with a modern mixtape. Do a playlist of love songs like the one I created last year. Fill it with songs that remind you of your loved one, songs that have been important in your relationship or songs that remind you of great memories. You could also consider music lessons if your loved one has been longing to play guitar or piano. If you're really creative and musically gifted, you can even write a song! 

Travel Love: Whether its a day trip to a nearby city, the place you had your first date or a long weekend getaway far from your immediate surroundings, getting away has a great effect on everyone. It's the perfect time to reconnect and forget about the ___________ (insert gripe here) going on in your everyday life.

Zen Love: Everyone loves a little extra pampering. That could mean a day trip to a spa for a massage or facial. It could mean a mani/pedi at a local shop OR (if that's too pricey), it could mean spa treatments at home. Pick up a mud mask, massage oil, or nail polish and pamper your loved one with their favorite treatment. You can also round up your friends for a spa party/sleepover/excuse for cocktails and mani/pedis. 

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