Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Love List

1. I know this feels a little like a glorified sticky note campaign but I love the idea of tiny one sentence love notes stuck on the fridge, the steering wheel or in a lunch bag throughout the year. Keep the romance flowing! You can also use it with your kids.

2. You already know I'm not a pink girl but there is something so sweet about baby pink on a highly structured dress. It's the perfect balance. Buy it here.

3. Unless you live in a place that's warm year round (lucky duck), you've been smacked around by the polar vortex and a seemingly endless barrage of snow storms lately. I've been mentally planning a trip for weeks and this list is pushing me closer to purchasing some kind of tropical getaway package.

4. The trends from NYFW are shaking out and among them is one that popped up a few years back: socks with heels. I didn't go for it the first time around but this look from the Ralph Lauren show is making me reconsider.

5. I read about the health benefits of skin brushing a while back and I finally started doing it about a month ago. I love it for the exfoliation benefit alone but there's more to it. Look for more about my experience in an upcoming post. Anyway, the brush I use is an all natural one with a removable handle. Find one like it here.

6. I love a good combo. Naiad Soap Arts has a lemon poppy seed sugar whipped soap that's a soap and scrub in one. Not a lemon fan? You can choose from a variety of scents. You can even sample them first by buying one of the mini pots before you commit to a scent.

7. I love this Grits a Ya Ya recipe from Peas & Crayons. I love it so much, I am adapting it for Valentine's Day. We're in a NOLA state of mind with All Star weekend just around the corner.

8. I am late to Shameless. Friends have been telling me to watch it for a while now but I have so many shows I watch regularly that I've been pushing it off...until now. With all this snow we've been having, I've had lots (LOTS) of indoor time. It felt like the perfect time to binge watch season 1 and as you may have guessed, I love it. This is the love list after all.

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