Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday Quotable

So...Valentine's Day (and all the feelings that come with it) is Friday. Through the years, whether I've been single on Valentine's Day or not, it has always bothered me that so much emotion is attached to what is essentially a greeting card holiday. No matter the historical significance of February 14, today, every television commercial, store display and radio promotion make it seem as if you need to be in a relationship to be worthy of love at this time of year.

If you are so lucky to have someone you've deemed "worthy" (or who has deemed you worthy), you must express it with a heart shaped piece of jewelry, a dozen overpriced, underbloomed red roses, a heart shaped box of mystery chocolates, singing mylar balloons, teddy bears and reservations for an overpriced dinner. Oh, and don't forget the greeting card. Preferably a giant, singing one that will cost you a good $30. The bigger the better right? I mean, don't you love your significant other??? How will they know without a card the size of a small child.

Then, the day passes and a large part of the time, romance flies out of the window just as fast as it came in...and really was that teddy bear all that romantic?

To all those who LOVE Valentine's Day, I don't mean to be Debbie Downer. I do actually enjoy making my DIY love-themed gifts to Ash. I love him more than any greeting card could express but if we skipped the commercial side of Valentine's Day, I wouldn't mind. And if I didn't have him (gasp), I'd still be worthy of love. I think understanding that is a big part of looking past all the mixed feelings that come with the day.

So, what's my point? We are all worthy of love everyday no matter our imperfections or challenges. That love is bigger than all the paper hearts and cards in the world. Remind yourself and remind those you love every chance you get. You never know who needs to hear it. Then, make a commitment to continue spreading that love throughout the year and not just on February 14. xo. 

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