Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Quotable

This is the third time I started this post over. In trying to write about the relevance of today's quote in my life, I've found myself talking in circles and platitudes all morning. At the end, it was all a bunch of philosophical mush. The truth is it really is a privilege to be comfortable in being yourself--and I mean truly yourself--no matter what judgment it will bring. While I fancy myself an honest person who cares little about what others think (Fancy myself? Really? Sorry. Blame Downton Abbey.), there is still a part of me that seeks validation from the outside world. There is still part of me that is reserved and scared to be myself outside of the comfort of my house. What would people think of the silly, over the top Nicole? The bitingly sarcastic (but all in good fun) Nicole? The vulnerable Nicole? One thing is for sure. I'll never know unless I let go of the restraints in my head (read: the gut feeling telling me people are watching and judging). So, on this Monday, here's to working towards being free of the restraints holding me back from the "privilege of a lifetime." Happy Monday. 

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