Friday, February 28, 2014

Nicole's Curated Life: Navigating the Cluster

Hi peeps. The look of the blog has changed a bit and I am working on more changes (though it's going slower than I'd like). Until the new look launches, I thought I'd lay out some page features and highlight what's going on around the site this week.

This is my home page. Most people read it without noticing the links in the upper left corner. Show them some love!

Once you do, you'll go to one of 4 pages (which will all be combined in the new launch...I was a little all over the place when I started blogging and created separate pages rather than just writing about everything in one place).

"Under the Roof" is where you'll find home decor DIYs and inspiration. The last post was on a project I did for a friend's baby nursery. Read about it here.

The Style page is all about my style musings and mood boards. There are also some accessory DIYs. This week's post was about Fashion by Mayhem. You can read it here.

The Food page is near and dear to my heart. It started with crazy stories of my cooking journey (I used to be a nightmare in the kitchen) then it traveled with me through my journey into veganism. Now, its a place for my favorite recipes (mine and other peoples) and of course, there's a place for cocktails. Every week, I do a Friday Happy Hour post to help you toast in the weekend. This week's post was about champagne cocktails to celebrate the Oscars. Read it here. I also share the Weekly Weigh In recipes on this page. This week's is here.

Finally, there is my Lupus page. I was diagnosed with Lupus SLE in 2005. With the help of some awesome doctors, I am doing really well but it wasn't always that way. This page documents my journey and also provides updates on research, helpful health tips and events to raise awareness. Check out the latest here.

And that's it. I hope you'll check out the other pages during some of your visits to the site. Want to see more of a particular type of post? Let me know if the comments. And now, I'm signing out to go celebrate the start of the weekend with Ash. Happy Friday!! See you next week. 

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