Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday Fun Day

My Super Bowl Sunday turned out to be a pretty awesome day. Like every year, I watched the game and enjoyed a little too much pizza. I met new people at a friend's party and saw some cool commercials. I rocked out with Bruno Mars and the shirtless Red Hot Chili Peppers but that wasn't the highlight of my day. As fate would have it, the second part of my celebration included Prince (yes, THE Prince) and a new band called 3rd Eye Girl.

Ash and I went to an intimate private party hosted by Prince where he introduced his new band. It was fun for me in general because I love new music (hence the Friday Playlist) and these girls are awesomely talented but you add Prince into the mix and it changes a fun night to a magical one. Last night was easily one of my favorite NYC memories. And as Prince brushed by me to join Doug E. Fresh in the DJ booth, I think a little sparkly, purple inspiration filled my body...or maybe it was the chardonnay. The point is I was inspired to always be creating something new. Even when you've reached the pinnacle of your field, keep going for the love of your passion. Great lesson to start the month with and I've got new music filling my headphones to boot. 3rd Eye Girl's first single with Prince (Pretzel Bodylogic) is available on iTunes now. It's recorded in analog format. No digital enhancements. What they've got to give is what you get and trust me, what they've got to give is a boatload of talent. My faves are Funk & Roll and She's Always in My Hair. They're not available on iTunes yet but check them out on YouTube. 

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