Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Weekly Weigh In


So as promised - last week was a break.  And, as suspected, I gained 1.4 pounds.  However, I don't want to focus on that.  Instead, I got to see some old friends, saw Nicole twice in 1 week (a true treat) and enjoyed Super Bowl Sunday.  

Another huge accomplishment for me -- I went to the gym!  I figured out the scary treadmill and restarted Couch to 5k.  This week, my goal is to hit the gym twice. As I've noted in the past - for me it's all about baby steps.

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My recipe this week is not so much a recipe as it is another tip.  When entertaining, consider serving fresh seafood.  For Super Bowl, I served clams on the half shell and they were a huge hit.  Serve with cocktail sauce and enjoy (shrimp and lobster cocktail are both  also very low in points).  But here's recipe:

Purchase clams fresh from a local market.  I usually do Whole Foods.

Shuck clams - a make sure you use an actual shucker that you can purchase for like $5 from Amazon.

Serve on ice with side of cocktail sauce and lemons.



Every week can’t result in a 2 pound weight loss but honestly, when you do 29 activity points worth of exercise (including a grueling spin class that caused quite the leg cramp), you kinda want to see something…even in a week where Super Bowl parties are involved. Actually, the past week involved a farewell party, a casino night for charity, a visit to Super Bowl Blvd. that ended in a visit to one of our most indulgent food stops, a date with Robyn, a Super Bowl party and a kick ass Super Bowl after party. So, do I have to cut out my social life? Not happening but I do need to plan better for weeks when I spend more time out of the house than in. I also have to look for the silver lining in every week. This week’s bright silvery sliver is that my pants are all loose now. Yep! I’m losing inches even if I’m not losing pounds. I’ll take the win where I can get it.

I don’t have a recipe this week. The only thing I cooked was eggs and toast…oh and I heated up a veggie burger! Does that count?

Instead of a recipe, here’s an article and an image that helped me with the inches vs. pounds issue. 

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