Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Weekly Weigh-In


Well friends, this week I am down 2.6 pounds.  I'd like to report this was due to hard work, becoming a gym fanatic, and counting points.  But no!  It was due to the horrific stomach virus I battled for about 4-5 days.  I barely ate for a few days.  

Once I started eating, my diet consisted of bananas, crackers, bagels, eggs and Gatorade.  Suffice to say I’ve gained 1 pound back since Saturday. So that's really a loss of 1.6.  But hey - if I had to combat that virus, a girl needs a silver lining. I'm still not eating my regular diet and let's face it -- a box of saltines is not the healthiest or most point conscious meal.  But sometimes life gets in the way.

I'm planning to work from home tomorrow.  My plan is to hit the gym if I'm up for it (I think I will be).  Oh, yes the gym is in my building so I really have no excuse not to go (now that I’ve figured out the treadmill).

Until next week, stay warm and safe and enjoy the Olympics!  (Gosh can't we all have bodies like those Olympians!!!!)

Sorry, no recipe this week since I lived off of bread products for the last 7 days.



Last week I spent a lot of time in the gym. Let me qualify that statement. I spent a lot of time for me. I went 4 times (3 cardio classes, 1 strength training session) and did a Fitness Blender video (which kicked my butt) at home before date night. 

And speaking of date night, some changes had to go down there too. I still went and i still had wine but I cut consumption by one glass and I skipped happy hour at home. I had enchiladas but skipped the rice (still terribly high in points but that's the reserve points are for). we also didn't stop for bagels or make fried egg and cheese sandwiches when we got home. Don't judge. I didn't gain 30 pounds over the last 5 years by eating salad. Ah...the confessions of an overweight vegetarian. 

Saturday, instead of going out to dinner, I cooked at home and we went for drinks. The temptation for fries wasn't there. And as for that last glass of wine I shouldn't have ordered (not because of the points but because it would have led to a massive hangover), Ash finished it for me. Now, full disclosure, I did come home and inhale a bag of butter flavored popcorn (because by then, the french fry craving was begging for attention). Sunday, I had oatmeal for breakfast, salad for lunch and I made a yummy pasta dinner. At weigh in the next day, I'd lost 3.6 pounds. Happy dance!! 

The lesson for this week is that slight modifications can still result in significant change. Also, as I learned last week, inches matter more than pounds (but its nice to drop some pounds when you're working so hard). 

This week's recipe is the dinner I made on Saturday. Crab Salad Rolls! The pretzel bun is the highest calorie part of the meal (8 points if you're on Weight Watchers) and it's high in carbs (if you're on any manner of low carb diet) but it's so tasty if you're a bread lover like it was a pre-cocktail dinner. Lettuce just isn't gonna do it, ya know?  For lighter fare, feel free to adapt the recipe by serving it in lettuce wraps, on a Wasa cracker or in a low carb sandwich wrap. You can also eat it plain. Enjoy! 

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