Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Weekly Weigh In

This week, the time came for me and Robyn to weigh in and we both said (without hesitation), PASS!! Here’s what happened:


So in Weight Watchers, they allow for weeks where you are given a “pass” from weighing in.  This is my “pass” week.  Although I went down a few pounds last week due to being sick, I was unable to stick to my diet after that. I was living on soup, crackers, bagels and eggs.  When I fully recovered, I'd planned to get back on track.  Then, I fell. Yes,I slipped on ice and fell flat on my tailbone.  I literally was not able to get out of bed the next day– which just meant eating quick foods and bringing in.

I am finally feeling better and start to plan tracking my food again today. Gosh, this dieting thing is tough. And with my tailbone still killing me – so the gym is out.  And that is not an excuse – I really am hurting.

So I will weigh in again Saturday.

Today’s recipe is a take on Chicken Marsala that I am hoping to make this week. Find the recipe here


Let me confess. I think the "pass" is a bit of a chump tool. It gives you an excuse to cheat and not suffer the mental consequences by stepping on the scale to weigh in. That said, in a week where I was trapped in the house while snow piled up on the ground outside, the scale is the last thing I want to see. Full confession? I know I gained weight. I have to weigh in for medical reasons every day. I guess my pass is in not having to actually track my yo-yo-ing.

I will note the weekend included an indulgent Valentine’s Day meal (recipes to come on the food page) and a small gathering with friends to watch the All Star Game (I wrote about the buffalo chicken sliders yesterday).  You may be wondering where there’s room for a health lesson among all of that. Well, shockingly, there is one. It came from two guests at the All Star party…a couple who had decided to eat “clean” following a recent vacation. They didn’t eat. Literally. They didn’t check the table to see if there was a healthy option among the full spread of food. They didn’t ask if I had healthy options to offer. They didn’t go near the table. One half of the couple eventually shared some of the alcohol they came with (a delicious pomegranate infused tequila) and it was the first alcohol he’d had in weeks.   

My first reaction was to be insulted (inwardly of course). I’d spent so much time in the kitchen that day making food I don’t even eat (non-vegetarian) only to have a large part of it go to waste.  We sat there not eating for quite a while because they weren’t eating. We didn’t feel comfortable. That changed after a couple of drinks.  My second reaction was shame as I ate my pizza in front of them. That little internal voice telling me I was making bad decisions was on 10 as I sat in their judgment. Ok…I don’t know if they were judging. In all likelihood, they weren’t. Maybe it made me judge myself for not ever being so fully committed to “clean eating” that I would turn down a host’s food. All in all, it was such an awkward experience.

What did I learn? Well, you’d think I had some epiphany about what real commitment looks like and adapted that as a trait. No go. I admire their commitment but I like to live my life. Some would question my equating indulgent eating with living my life to the fullest but I don’t care. I know from my past when I was obsessed with fitness that one day of sidestepping dietary restrictions doesn’t kill any progress—particularly when you work out (and take it to failure) every day.  I don’t want that for my life anymore. Also, there are always ways to survive at a party—including telling the host you are on a restrictive diet and don’t plan to eat or requesting something specific that you can eat. Grilled veggie platter anyone? Naked grilled chicken tenders? I’ve certainly done it and a good host won’t mind. Chances are you’re not putting him/her out of the way. They’re shopping for the party anyway.

How do you manage your dietary restrictions in social situations?

For this week’s recipe, I’m highlighting my quick Sesame Ginger noodles. Find the simple recipe here. I also have a recommended workout this week. It’s an easy one to use at home, which is useful with the kind of weather plaguing most of the country lately. Pop in your headphones and check it below or here if the video doesn't work on your device. 


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