Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Love List

1. As you know from the Friday Happy Hour posts, I love to make cocktails. I have a jigger but this one stops the drip. Plus, I'm a tool geek. I go for the new tool every time (as long as it's useful). Check out the ReJigger and how it works here.

2. Tired of the cliche stock photos that pop up when searching for images of women working on Google? Don't worry, someone is on the job. Specifically, Sheryl Sandberg's foundation, LeanIn joined forces with Getty Images* to create 2,500 images of powerful women. Rah! Rah!! Read more here and check out the photo collection here. The organization is also working to ban the word "Bossy." I'm loving them these days.

3. I admit it. I am on a full on exercise kick. I'm trying everything I'm capable of and packing it into the shortest amount of time possible. This handy little chart complete with torched calorie information shows the top 10 calorie burning cardio workouts and it is perfect.

4. I love a fortune cookie. Ok...I don't love the cookie but I like reading the fortunes and playing all the cliché games that come with them. You know...learn to let go an live in the moment (in bed). Anyway, this necklace comes complete with an inspirational fortune and a fortune cookie charm. As an added plus, it's customizable. Pick up the necklace or the bracelet (or anything--there really are some great pieces) from Christina Kober designs.

5. Confession: I've been trying to work on a milk maiden braid for a few weeks and it has sucked every time. It's really hard to do on your own unless you're a bit of an expert braider. Anyway, This one seems slightly easier and I like the addition of the pulled out pieces in the front to effect bangs. I'll be trying this one from Daily Candy for date night. Fingers crossed.

6. So many of us are obsessed with Pinterest. For every project you've tried, there are hundreds or maybe even thousands of people who've tried the same thing and friends, they can't all be winners. Some of my projects miss the mark by a long shot. The Pinterest Fail site gives me a little comfort and, I must admit, quite a few giggles.

7. I LOVE asparagus and I adore pizza. Why not combine the two? What better way to celebrate spring in a healthier way! This shaved asparagus pizza recipe from Smitten Kitchen is one of my current faves.

* Getty Images is also offering photography grants in connection with the project. Learn more here

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