Thursday, March 27, 2014

Love List

1. John DeVore's essay, New York Doesn't Love You, struck a chord with me for it's honesty. As a transplant to New York (like most who live here), I've had my struggles with the city and now I live in the burbs just outside of it. Every time I go in, I find myself cursing the city with its smells, rude cab drivers, crowded sidewalks and urine soaked subway station corners. Two seconds later, I'm lamenting my move and talking about how much I miss living there. I don't know what it is but NYC is a magical place. It gets in your blood...and, if you're not careful, the hem of your pants.

2. 36 Hours is a weekend travel guide by the New York Times. I want start opening it blindly, pointing, and traveling. It's better than sitting on the couch asking, "what should we do this weekend?" and then sitting for another hour while I catch up on DVR until suddenly, the weekend is over.

3. Lilly Cole recently launched Impossible, a new social media network, to help people connect with a focus of expressing and granting wishes. That's right. It's social media that's not focused on selfies, hookups and likes. It's about sharing your talents and helping others as you can. Check it out here.

4. I'm not keen on strangers. I mean, who is? If a stranger approached me and said can I touch you, I might just run. I mean, this is NY. Yet, Richard Renaldi's Touching Strangers project appeals to my sense of humanity. It strikes the same chord for me that Humans of New York does. It's all about breaking down the walls between us and the world surely needs more of that. Read more about the project here.

5. I claimed not to be girly on this site several times. Yet, here I am with what is clearly an outfit featuring a tutu on my Love List. Does it help that it is balanced with a biker jacket? I think so. I LOVE this look and it can easily transition to Spring if its paired with a rocker tee and a simple black heel or ankle bootie...that is of course if you live somewhere outside of the north. Spring here will still require those boots AND that jacket...and judging from the weather outside today, maybe a scarf and gloves. Shop a similar look here.

6. Some of the headlines on Heds Will Roll cracked me up. It's like everything you want to say but shouldn't. I think every profession should have a site for this kind of musing.

7. Jem!!!! I really don't need to say much more if you are an 80's baby or want to be. But maybe you haven't heard there will be a live action Jem movie so I'll say a little more. Jason Blum, John M. Chu and Scooter Braun are crowd sourcing to move the project forward this very minute. Excited to see what will happen with this.

8. I painted the vases in my foyer when I gave it a makeover a little over a year ago. This weekend, I will be using some old beer and wine bottles to do this project from Cupcakes and Cashmere. I have the perfect window to display the collection in and Ash will be excited for me to move my collection of empty bottles out of the corner of our pantry.

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