Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Weekly Weigh In


So another week and another .2.  I see a trend here.  This going down “.2” is not really a good thing.  That said, I have been really doing well this week – counting all my points and tracking.  Of course, that does not mean I counted points this past weekend…that could be the issue.  That also does not mean that I am losing weight.  Yes, as you know, I weigh myself everyday and have not seen results this week.  In any event, I took one step towards going to the gym – I took the gym clothes OUT of the closet.  Baby step, but a step in the right direction.  

I have some big plans coming up, including a 40th bday and a law firm reunion.  And come hell or high water, I want to look at least half-way decent.  So this is my renewed motivation to keep going this week.  Be accountable.

As for this week’s recipe, I am reviving an oldie but goodie. I made Baked Eggplant Parmesan this past Sunday.  I love eggplant and this is the perfect, easy recipe. I highly recommend it served with whole wheat ziti. Check it out here


Hi peeps. Time for another weigh in!! Yippie!

Ok, I am being sarcastic. I think everyone on the road from fat to fit approaches the scale with a little trepidation. Did I have too much wine? Will that slice of pizza kill my progress? Did I eat too little and slow my metabolism down in the process? Am I retaining too much water because of salt intake or that dreaded time of month? So many things run through your mind.

Once you’re on the scale, it’s a different story. It could be a happy moment if you’ve made progress and frustration if you haven’t.  To that I say, don’t be too hard on yourself. Figure out what you can do better and give it your all for the following week. You really will get there if you keep pushing. Then, maybe the scale won’t be so scary.

As you know, I was having a string of weeks where I was losing tiny amounts or nothing at all. I made some changes and so far, they’re working. This week, I am down 1.2 lbs. and am quickly creeping up on my personal halfway point.  Turning up my workouts has made all the difference. I still can’t say I LOVE working out or that I can’t wait to go to the gym but I am proud of myself for sticking with it. It means there has been a change in my priorities and I have finally put my health higher on the list.  Maybe that gives us something in common or maybe you think I’m crazy for not adoring the gym. No matter what, we’re all in the fight together—walking, running, spinning, swimming, HIIT-ing, and dancing the pounds away.  Let’s GO!!!

This week, in terms of food, I’ve been obsessed with snacks. I wanted to opt for something healthier than the Girl Scout cookies stacked in my pantry (Sidenote: I ordered them because (1) I order every year from the same Girl Scout; and (2) my will power wasn’t quite as strong as it is now.) I headed out to the store to track down snacks with plans to scoop up kale chips and roasted nuts. What I found was pre-packaged kale chips aren’t nearly as healthy as I thought. The pre-packaged versions, while probably tastier, are usually flavored and covered in tons of ranch or nacho flavored powder. You know…the stuff that makes Doritos addictive. Half a cup can contain over 140 calories and 10 grams of fat. Clutch my pearls. Anyway, I decided to try my hand at making my own. All you need is kale, olive oil, salt and garlic powder. Get the recipe here

I'm also still trying to incorporate more raw foods into my diet. I picked up some Carrot Cake Super Cookies by Go Raw this week. Look out for them in an upcoming product spotlight.  
As for working out, I did a lot of weight training this week. Lifting dumbbells while in a hundred different positions can get really boring really quickly. To keep working with weights while adding a little excitement, I decided to go for a kettle bell routine. If you need video, check out one by Fitness Blender. If you want to see some basic moves and then put them to use later, check out one by Fitsugar.

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