Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Weekly Weigh In

Hi guys! Robyn's taking a break this week but I'm here to weigh in and share last week's fitness highlights so let's get into it, shall we?

You know the heavy breathing soundbite that works its way into every horror movie?

Actress: Hello?
Mouth Breathing Killer: Heavy Breathing…
Actress: Who is this?
Actress: Mouth Breathing Killer: Heavy Breathing…
Actress: Bobby, stop playing around on the phone.
Mouth Breathing Killer: Heavy Breathing…

Mouth breather (hiding in the shadows) jumps out and gets all stabby and murdery.  

Yeah, well that is exactly what I sound like after a failed attempt at a set of burpees. Last week, I pushed myself to keep trying new Neila Rey HIIT combo workouts and was successful with some of the routines. However, when I tried to do a set of burpees (thinking I’d gotten strong enough to make it work), I realized I’d met my match. I had to just sit and breathe (heavily) for a couple of minutes. SO…it’s back to push-ups and jump squats for now…because those are a walk in the park right? Yeah...

Let’s get to the weigh in results. This week it was only 0.2 pounds. First, I was kind of annoyed considering my clean eating effort this week (minus a pub stop after visiting the Basketball Hall of Fame—did I mention March Madness makes us do weird things??). Then, I had a reality check after I did my measurements. I lost a few more inches and the staple pants in my work wardrobe officially don’t fit anymore. Woo-hoo! I still don’t have a need to shop because (1) I have pants a size down from my current size and (2) I’m waiting until I’m at my goal weight (which I’m hoping to hit by early summer—just in time to shop for vacay clothes). Hey! A girl’s got to have some incentive to keep pushing this hard. You know…outside of my overall well being and what not. So yay (!!!) for lost inches even if they’re not lost pounds.

This week’s workout focus is on plyometrics. A year ago, I found some plyometric workouts on YouTube but tucked them deep into the recesses of my mind because the act of basic jumping (like 5 jumps) literally made me feel like I might pass out. 

Now, I’m much stronger. I can’t do a burpee but I can jump squat with the best of them. Ok, maybe the best of the beginners group. You get it. Anyway, this workout from XFit Daily is my challenge for the week. It is burpee free (I will beat you burpee…just not today) but it is still tough.


For food, I’m noshing on what I call an Elevated Elvis. Check out the super simple (seriously it doesn’t get easier unless you’re ordering from somewhere) recipe here. I’m also still obsessing over veggie noodles made using a spiralizer (I use this one). The next recipe I’m trying will be for tomorrow’s lunch and can be found here. Here's to success in whatever fitness challenge you're facing this week. 

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