Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Though it’s nothing new, the whole makeup vs. natural beauty debate is bubbling up again. Perhaps, it’s because of the #NoFilter #NoMakeup #MakeupFreeMonday #IWokeUpLikeThis  Insta-craze.

When I first heard of Makeup Free Monday and the sentiment behind it, I was super supportive. The movement is supposed to be all about recognizing inner beauty and celebrating the natural beauty of women. In an age where “candid” Instagram photos are as retouched as those on the cover of Vogue, it was nice to see people celebrating the beauty that usually hides under the makeup.  Candidly, I also welcomed the chance to give my skin a break from all the products (primer, BB Cream, bronzer, eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner) I use every day.

But, eventually, participation in the routine took a bit of a turn and the makeup free posts became more of humble-bragging than a fist up in favor of female empowerment. Then, people started shaming those who were on the opposite side of the compact.  Now, makeup lovers are talking trash about women who choose not to go glam and vice versa. Then, there are the men*(some, not all) with their image of beauty stuck on perfect makeup and perfectly coiffed (long) hair.  At some point, it all becomes too much.

Ultimately, a cliché rules. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You may like your face makeup free. You may like to look like you just had a makeover at the MAC counter. No matter what you like, it’s your right to do so. It’s your face/your image after all.

So, if you’re going to do Makeup Free Monday (or every day) make sure it’s for the right reason.  In my opinion, there is only one. Though it may empower your sisters, little girls who see your image, etc., it is really about empowering that woman who looks back at you from the mirror. And girl, it has nothing to do with shaming other people for not being on board with a #MakeupFree #Beauty #Glowing when you know you’re wearing a tinted moisturizer and some mascara.  

Also, if you’ve got your mind set on new cosmetics (like the new BareSkin foundation by Bare Minerals for example) even as you read this, that’s ok too. You should do what makes you feel best. Everything else (especially when it comes to something as small as makeup) really doesn’t matter.

* The photos above are of me. The one on the left is right after I woke up. The photo in the middle is with every day makeup, which is pretty subtle (#CorporateDress). The picture on the right is right before date night a couple of months back. I wear a little more makeup on date night but I tend to keep it pretty natural looking (neutral tones) most of the time thanks to D.J. Tanner. If you don't get that reference, check out the video below.

What's your take on the makeup debate?


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