Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Look Up!

“The world is a beautiful place and of all the things you can look at, the floor is usually the ugliest.”

Last night, we were out running errands and stopped in a shoe store (Ash is a sneaker head and has issues passing by a shoe store with a SALE sign in the door). As we went up to the cash register (I told you it was an issue), the sales clerk was trying to sell him a few more things. Ash said he was fine and the guy said ok but lingered and kept talking. As Ash was paying for his shoes and focused on the checkout process, I was left to make small talk. Have I mentioned I don’t love small talk?

My normal tactic when I want to be left alone is to keep the talk to a minimum and look away or look at my phone. I tried to do that but they guy was persistent. I started to get a little annoyed about the invasion of my space when he leaned down under my gaze and made the statement that started this post.

First, I was incensed that he called me out.  Then, I felt a little guilty for not being up for social interaction.  I made an excuse about looking away being a habit and looked over to Ash who was being checked out by the slowest cashier in the world. Having nowhere to go, I dropped my guard, lifted my fact and fell into a conversation.

His chosen topic was how phones and social media have turned us into a population of socially awkward people who don’t know how to talk to each other.  Exhibit A? Me, apparently.

I acknowledge that I live a large part of my life online between work and blogging. I love (and I mean LOVE) to talk but only with the people I love.  Social media, e-mail and text messaging have allowed me to replace small talk and the slight discomfort that comes with it…but has it made me a better person? Probably not. I can’t say “social media is the downfall of mankind” but I can say lots of things get lost in translation and you never feel as good about texting as you do after a night out with people you love. Seriously, who finishes texting and says, “I just had the best time catching up with Nicole over text. We exchanged laughing emojis and toasted martini emojis. It was awesome!” Truly…No.  One. Ever.

Why am I sharing this? Well, guidance comes in the strangest forms but it comes nevertheless.  As annoying as the store salesman was in the moment, he was right and it challenged me. So, this month my goal is to put down the phone and interact with people more. Happy Wednesday! 

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