Thursday, April 10, 2014

Love List

1. These little state charm necklaces by Fifth & Mae let you take a little piece of home (or a memorable place) with you wherever you go. If the states aren't for you, they make initials and a host of other lovely things.

2. These portable, single-serve glasses of wine by Zipz are perfect for summer picnics or outside events. You don't have to worry about breakage or cleanup. Just sip and toss.

3. I do not like to clean. I'm not a messy person but I have trouble letting go of things. We did spring cleaning earlier in the year but there are some things that remain undone...I mean, who likes to scrub baseboards. Anyway, we're doing some purging and sprucing this weekend and these cleaning tips curated by Apartment Therapy are just what I need. Hey, at least I'll burn some calories.

4. Every time Apple comes out with a new OS for my mobile devices, I cringe. Why? I know I will have to start deleting things left and right to make room for it. This guide provides a few tips to help you free up space quickly.

5. NBC is having a contest aimed at launching a new comedy series. Are you funny? Always thought your life would make a great sitcom? Consider submitting a pitch. What do you have to lose?

6. Ever wonder how much of your life is spent in front of the TV? Try entering your favorite TV shows into the calculator. I stopped logging in shows after finding out I'd spend over 45 days just sitting and watching. And over my life, that's just the tip of the iceberg. I gotta get out more.

7. Elle's 30 Fitness Commandments cracked me up.

8. Season 2 of Morgan Spurlock's Inside Man premiers on CNN this Sunday (4/13) at 10:00 pm Eastern. I've loved him since Super Size Me so I can't wait for it to start.

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