Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Quotable

Adopting the spirit behind today's quote helped reshape my life. I used to let the smallest things throw me off course. I'd worry and obsess over the seeming chaos of my life and stress myself right out of sleep, health and happiness. When I was diagnosed with lupus, my life was in a volatile place. I hated where I was in my career and I was spiraling fast. I was in a relationship (with Ash) but even that was in a bad place because I kept pushing him away...when I could stay up long enough to have a conversation.* Eventually, things in my relationship got better (I learned to accept that true love doesn't feel burdened by a health crisis) but the work battles remained until suddenly, they were gone.

It was then that I was hungry...desperate for something to quiet the chaos. I needed to slow everything down so I could think about my next step. I developed an insatiable hunger for self help tools. I read everything from parts of A Course in Miracles to What You Think of Me is None of My Business as I grappled to find peace with my situation and strength to start over.

Eventually, I found it in prayer, meditation and constant reflection to give myself some perspective. I stopped stressing about things that wouldn't matter in a month. Lately, however, I've been sliding back into stress. It goes back to the whole stuck thing I was grappling with a few weeks ago. Rather than giving in, I'm ramping up my yoga and trying to quiet my mind enough to meditate. Lucky me, today marks the start of another Deepak and Oprah free meditation collaboration. This one is aimed at finding your flow? Find out more here and consider going through the 21 day guided meditation. Happy Monday! 

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