Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Top 10 Cities To Move To and From

Periodically, lists of the happiest/best/most environmentally friendly/most economically reasonable, etc., etc. places to live are published. Each time, I check them out and think about where else I might want to live--especially during the winter months. Last week, I came North Star Moving's Top Ten Cities Americans Move To and From. Of course, NYC was on the list of places people leave. I can testify that it is a tough city to live in. That said, it's also a tough one to leave. I feel like you miss the energy (even if you don't miss the cursing cabbies and filthy subway stations).  Because of that, I feel like my next move must either be back near family or in a completely different country. Who doesn't want to relocate to Paris? Positano? Sydney? Cape Town? Providenciales?

Anyway, I thought I'd share.Of the "move to" list, I wouldn't mind relocating to D.C., Atlanta, San Diego or Chicago. L.A. wouldn't be too terrible but I'd probably be more L.A. adjacent (Santa Monica or Malibu). What about you? Where would you move if given the chance?

p/s Mom, it is not lost on me that NYC is on the "move from" list and Atlanta is on the "move to" list. One more point for you. (wink, wink). 



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