Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Weekly Weigh In

Last week was a bit all over the place. I had meetings that interfered with my normal workout schedule so I was a little off balance. I did manage to get in 3 workouts during the week and I'm down another pound. I also closely watched my food intake by journaling on Weight Watchers and Fitbit. That is helping a lot with my accountability. For times I went out to eat, I made sure to plan ahead and actually stuck to it for once. I think I’m finally at a point where reaching my goal matters more to me than a pizza with extra cheese. 

I will admit I had some Girl Scout cookies and wine while watching TV on a rainy Saturday night in. The difference is I stopped at 2 cookies (1 serving) rather than eating an entire row like I would have (ahem, like I did) a year ago at this time. I’ve also started to keep a solid stash of healthier snacks in the house. When I want chips, I go for movie butter popcorn (35 cals/popped cup) and when I want sweets, I go for frozen banana pops, banana soft serve, greek yogurt with strawberries and brownie brittle or applesauce with cinnamon and chia seeds. Can you tell I crave sweets more often? Yeah…it’s a problem.

If the sweet craving isn’t satisfied by the healthier options, I go ahead and indulge in moderation like with the Girl Scout cookies. When I’m really craving and the conversation devolves into something like this:

Me: I’m hungry babe.
Ash: What do you want?
Me: A sheet cake and a fork.

I go ahead and have something indulgent. I may go over my calories a bit but I pay for it in the gym the next day. When did you first start to notice differences in your ability to control cravings? What are your tricks/tips for dealing with them?

For this week’s workout, I am going in a different direction. I’ve been doing high intensity routines for the last few weeks so this week, I’m calming it down a bit and injecting a second yoga class into my routine. I need some focused stretching and core strengthening as well as some time to re-center and breathe. You know from a former post that I do Vinyasa or flow yoga. I am still very much a beginner but I can tell how much stronger I’ve gotten since the start of my practice. Last night, I actually did a clumsy (very clumsy) crow pose (bakasana).

This is what crow pose should look like. I'm not there yet but my feet are at least off the ground.
I go to a live class but here are a couple of videos (using beginner level flows) that are good if you want to workout on your own.



Today’s recipe is really a collection. With spring and summer coming, fresh salads with seasonal ingredients are on the top of my list. I’m not talking about your typical iceberg or romaine in a bowl with cheese, tomatoes, croutons and a blob of bottled dressing (though if you like that, do you). I want to eat salads this season that are delicious and filling enough to be a meal without any wasted calories. I’ve collected a ton of recipes so this week, I decided to share a few. I’m also adding in some homemade salad dressing recipes. There are some organic, chemical free salad dressings I love but they can get a little pricey. I started making my own salad dressings a few years ago when I was strictly vegan. Though I’m vegetarian now, I’ve stuck with making dressings to avoid the wasted calories that come with the sugars in your typical bottled variety. Get some of my favorite salad recipes here

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