Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Weekly Weigh In


Hello everyone.  So I am down .2.  that said, down 3.2 overall.  Well, I am actually down more than that now (since I weigh myself every day – not recommended), but I will keep it honest and go with the weekly weigh in from Saturday.  

Last night started Passover.  So this should be an interesting week.  No pasta or bread – but tons of matzoh and Manischewitz…..  Not the most nutritious of foods.  I guess it does beat the yummy Easter candy that is coming up for most people.

I still have not been able to get with the Weight Watchers tracking program.  I guess I really need to.  That said, I have been watching my diet more and frankly, eating less.  I have also tried to be a bit more active.  Even if I am not going to the gym, at night I try to get up and move around – even if that means doing more laundry than I have to.  I also started walking a bit more.  Like I said last week – I think this all adds up.
Image of haroset
This week’s recipe is for all those celebrating Passover.  Its not necessarily healthy, but it is endorsed by Weight Watchers and take it from me, it is DELICIOUS. You can find the recipe for Haroset here


This week was a little off for me. My body was a little sore. It could be because of sleeping wrong or it could be from going a little too hard in the gym. Either way, I needed to take it easy. It was weird to slack off on exercising…especially in a week when pizza and an apple cinnamon dutch baby were on the menu. Ultimately, it resulted in my gaining two pounds (2.3 to be exact) even though I planned ahead to accommodate indulgent choices. Argh.  There was a tiny triumph this week. I bought a dress for summer vacation (I know it’s early, I can’t wait…and apparently, I can’t resist a sale).  You must be asking how buying a dress is a weight loss triumph. Well, I ordered it a size too small because I plan to be another size down by the time summer rolls around. Last night, I tried it on to check progress and it already fits! Like I said, it was a tiny triumph but in a "gain week," I’ll take a win where I can get it…so, shout out to Weight Watchers, Fitbit and my new green dress.

This week is about getting back on track. And my "back on track," I mean back to the high intensity routines.


I mean, YIPPIE!! I’m excited…really. Ok, let’s get to it.

This week, it’s all about plyometrics. I featured a plyometric workout by XHIT a few weeks ago. I liked the workout a lot so I looked for more. I found this week's workout by JamCore Training and tucked it away. It is intense and I wasn't ready. I think I am now. Plus, I have to keep ratcheting up the sweat factor so my body doesn’t get bored and hit another plateau.  


I am also including a shorter workout targeting the back. When I circuit train, I try to focus on one body part each time. For instance, on Mondays, I do yoga and then an arm circuit. I’ve been neglecting my back so this week, it will be a focus. Whittling my waist down is going to take cardio and workouts that target my abs and my back. I hope you’ll try these workouts with me this week!


For today’s recipe, we’re going to opposite ends of the spectrum. 

On one side is a detox water recipe. I featured the AquaZinger on a Love List a while back (here) and it is perfect for this. If you don't have one, you can always use an infusion bottle or just a plain old pitcher. 

My dutch baby results. Didn't puff up as much as I'd like. Next time, I'll cook the apples separately. 
On the other side is an apple cinnamon dutch baby. It’s not exactly healthy but its not horrible if you have one slice with some and a side of fresh fruit.  You can get the water recipe here and the dutch baby here

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