Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Weekly Weigh In


Motivation. It is one of the key ingredients to reaching any goal. Actually, it’s the threshold ingredient. You have to want it and that has to get you up off the couch and into action. But you know all of that. I know it too, so why am I going on about it today? Because I’m hoping I can find it through talking about it. Yep. I’ve lost a bit of my motivation. I don’t know why.  I got to a good spot then had an off week to rest a bit (aches, pains, etc.). In that week, I gained two pounds.

I’ve been back in the gym since then and I shed the two pounds but I haven’t lost anything additional. I can feel my motivation to go the extra mile waning. Sure, I’m doing plyometrics but a month ago, I’d have finished a 20-30 minute plyometric workout and headed to another area of the gym for some circuit training. My eating was also highly regimented. I refused to go over my calorie allotment except on cheat days (Friday/Saturday). It worked.

Now, I get through about an hour of cardio (classes) or a shorter high intensity workout and I head home. Then, after dinner, I get snacky and let myself indulge. The problem is instead of reaching for a nutrition bar, I reach for Snicker’s and Milky Way minis left over from Easter. Not good. Sure, 4 minis are only 170 calories but it’s the point. It starts with rationalizing the minis on a non-cheat day ad that turns into 4 minis every day and more on cheat days. Before you know it, I’m down the slippery slope and saying, “Well, it’s just two pounds. I’ll tackle it next week.” Before you know it, I’m back at square one.

And who wants that! So what am I doing about it except whining to you? I’m going to boot camp (that’s the featured workout of the week). It has been the one class I’ve avoided since joining the gym. In the beginning, I wasn’t physically ready for it. My fitness level was at zero. When I got stronger and started doing high intensity exercises, I peeked in on a class and saw someone vomit from the intensity of the workout. Again, I turned away.  Last night, a friend of mine who has been taking the boot camp classes encouraged me to try. Then, Ash (who knows the instructor) encouraged me further. It was a regular Béla KárolyiYOU CAN DO IT!” moment. So, I’m going for it. Of course, I’ll let you know how it goes. If you’re not a member at a gym or your gym doesn’t have boot camp classes, there’s an option below but you can find lots of options on YouTube.


As for food, snickers minis are what should be on here considering how many I’ve eaten over the past week but I’m not going there. Instead, I’ll share some sweet treats that are lighter on calories and even have a good dose of protein. Check out recipes for Greek Yogurt Fudge Pops, Peanut Butter Mousse and Chia Seed Pudding

Robyn took off this week but will be back to fill you at the next weigh in. Stay strong this week and if you are über motivated, please share some of your tips for staying that way!! 

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