Thursday, May 1, 2014

Awareness Moment

This post will be a little different than my norm but I have to do it. I think blogging (if you want to monetize) often becomes an exercise in branding. All content has to be hyper-focused and deliver the overall feeling you are putting into the world. My blog is about all the pieces of my life. It’s the things I love, the quotes that inspire me, my fitness journey, the things I eat. It’s a curated collection of the things that make me who I am. That said, I keep things pretty light around here. Why? Ultimately, I want to lift people up. I don’t want you to come to this blog for the sad news of the day. As a result, I usually reserve my opinion on world issues for conversation over dinner/drinks. Today, I’m inviting you to the table.

Two weeks ago, over 200 Nigerian school girls were kidnapped by the Islamist militant group Boko Haram. They were then sold as brides (reports are that the sales price is between $8 and $12) each. There are rumors that a rescue mission is underway yet, at least one representative from Nigeria’s house has said the country’s armed forces are not in a position to defeat the insurgency. 

Whether it's in a consultant capacity or a full intervention, many want the U.S. to intervene. Others are calling for full support from the United Nations. Here in the states, the reaction wavers between a hands-off (we have enough problems and should fix those before thinking about helping others) and a hand-all in approach. Ultimately, we are talking about human beings...young girls being sold into slavery. Yes, we do have problems here at home. That said, if your neighbor's house was burning, would you turn your back and say look at all these weeds in my front yard. "Sorry, I can't help you?" Ultimately, with great power comes great responsibility. I am not saying the U.S. needs to swoop in and run things but coverage to raise awareness, an offer to consult on strategy, or support of UN intervention are all options. Stopping terror somewhere prevents it from coming to our own shores. That's just my two cents. 

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