Friday, May 2, 2014

Love List

1. The cutest "perfect for picnics" wine glasses by Asobu. Get them here for just $15.00.

2. A You Look Beautiful Today campaign. There's nothing wrong with that! Read more here.

3. Custom necklaces by Everyday Artifact that work by transferring photos onto silver using resin. Who doesn't need a warrior pose necklace in their life?

4. Sleep is not my friend. I keep chasing it but it evades me. I routinely function on 3 to 5 hours. Because of that the Sleep Test intrigued me.

5. You know how much of a Beyonce fan I am. Ash and I both love Jay Z too. The On the Run tour is the perfect date night for if we could just figure out why ticket sales for the NJ show have been delayed.

6.  Recipes by People is a Kickstarter cookbook (to be made) made up of recipes from all over the world. Your gram's recipe file ain't got nothing on this! 

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