Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday Quotable

This weekend was one of the first in a long time where I could leave the house without needing a jacket. Actually, I didn't even need sleeves. First, woo-hoo!!! Second, being outside in nature and spending time with family reminded me of how much I love Spring--though NY truly skips from Winter to Summer with little regard for Spring...seriously, last week it was in the 40s and Sunday, it was 83) but I digress.

On a deeper level, sitting with my face turned up towards the sun and spending time with loved ones really made me appreciate the start of a new season in my life. I've been working really hard to shed the fears and negativity left over from the Winter. I spent too much time going through the motions of life and feeling stuck (there's that word again). The start of a new season makes me want to cut off or ignore the negative nellies. God knows they're not worth the energy they consume. It also makes me want to get hyper-focused on what I need in my life to be happy.

What does that mean? Well, I think it's a process but I am doing some material things.

First, I've started eliminating the material things I no longer need. Goodbye clutter (completely, this time)!!

I'm also reading more positive things and meditating/praying more. Last week, I started doing a mental gratitude list at the end of every day. After going through my mental list, I sit in silence for 10 minutes. Sometimes, it's nice just to have a quiet moment but most of the time, I come away from it with some kind of clarity on whatever issue is bothering me. If there is no issue, I usually get some creative inspiration. It's really helping me. I've gone through a similar exercise before by keeping a gratitude journal. Adding the 10 minutes seems to help even more.

Third, I'm taking in the important messages. If you listen and observe, people show you who they really are. I'm removing the people who show themselves to be bad friends. If I've been the bad (absent) friend, I'm trying to be better.

As my birthday creeps closer and closer, I am itching to turn away from the shadows and stop giving attention to things and people that make me unhappy. Who has time for darkness when the sunshine is beckoning you?? I don't want to spend another year mentally cluttered, stuck and fearful of taking chances in an effort to find greater happiness. Though there will be bruises and bumps--or I guess I should say storm clouds--along the way, the alternative is not an option. Here's to keeping your face toward the sun! Happy Monday! 

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