Monday, May 26, 2014

Monday Quotable

I tagged along with family to the Farmer's Market this weekend. Since I wasn't shopping for anything in particular, I just wandered a bit. Amidst all the people rushing to fulfill their shopping list, I tried to take time to really experience the moment. I looked at the beauty of produce from near and far, smelled the scents of freshly ground spices and tasted a variety of just baked breads. It was a great and rare experience. So often, we are rushing around trying to cross things off of our lists and we forget to focus on the present moment. The weekend was a time for me to do that. The Farmer's Market was just a piece of it but it certainly set me up to really focus on enjoying every bit of my holiday weekend. I'm a lot better for it. If you're state side, I hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend and took some time to reflect on the true reason for the day. 

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