Friday, May 16, 2014

Weekly Weigh In


Hello or shall I say greetings from the flip side? Yes – I managed to do 5 visits to the gym since I started on the new path – or should I say since I spent $50 to enter the June 5k.  I am quite proud of that.  I have also been diligent in wearing my FitBit – and although I do not always meet the 10,000 goal, I am definitely more aware of the steps I take.  I tend to walk a few more steps here and there just to get to 10,000.  

As for weight loss, this week I am only down .2.  Which is still a LOSS.  Given the crap (and yes, I mean crap) I ate this week I will take the small loss.  I also really think that I would have gained if I did not hit the gym on Saturday!

Here’s to a new week.  I do not have a recipe this week – mainly because I have not tried anything new.  I will try to come up with something new this weekend.


Hi guys. I'm the reason we're late this week. Sorry!!! This week has been a doozy.

So...if I have a theme every week, this week’s theme is “it’s all about the little things.” Why? Because sometimes, that’s all you can do. The past week was filled with meetings and late work nights. I found myself without time to go to the gym at night and too tired to go in the morning. During weeks like that, it quickly becomes about the small things you can do to pepper in some fitness despite not doing a “full” workout. Because of that, this week's workout is a list of "get it in where you can fit it in" calorie burners.

Have a dog? Head outside for a longer than usual walk and try to work some jogging in while doing it. I mean, you have to do it anyway, right? Might as well make the best of it. If you get home too late and don’t want to walk your dog in the dead of night think about a quick game of fetch. Of course, your dog will need to be small enough to play in the house.

Totally out of groceries and living off of cereal or microwave popcorn? If you have to sacrifice your gym time for the grocery store, pop in headphones and boogie up and down the aisles. Ok…don’t be the crazy person making people uncomfortable but studies show that walking to upbeat music makes you walk faster, which can lead to a higher calorie burn (243 an hour to be exact). Lifting the heavy bags into the car won’t hurt either. Boom, you’re productive, fit and close to a healthy meal…because surely you wouldn’t shop til you drop and then order pizza, right? (Yeah…I’ve done that).

Speaking of meals, cook one. Thirty minutes of dinner prep burns about 74 calories.

You could do some chores but if you’re skipping a workout because of a late meeting or a long day at work, chances are the last thing you want to do is scrub the shower when you get home (or maybe you do…I don’t. I’m the woman that sprays down the shower with a cleaning spray to avoid scrubbing every week). Think about washing the dishes while dancing, sweeping the kitchen floor after dinner or marching in place while folding laundry (just folding burns 72 calories in 30 minutes).

Hit the hay. You can even burn calories in your sleep—360 to be exact.

If you really mean business, there are tons of 10-15 minute HIIT workouts to choose from. You know my favorites are from Neila Rey but just search YouTube. There are hundreds, if not thousands to choose from.

My favorite recipe from the last week was my kale and mushroom couscous lettuce wraps. You can find the recipe here.

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