Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Weekly Weigh In


Happy One Day Late Again!

Sorry for all of the late posts.  Every Tuesday seems to come and go and I can't get my act together.  This week I have a good excuse - strep throat.  I spent the day at the doctor and pharmacy yesterday and was not really up to posting.

This week, I am glad to report I am down 1.6 pounds!  Yay!  That came with a lot of hard work.  I went to the gym three times and stuck (somewhat) with my diet.  I will say that I then enjoyed Memorial Day weekend - probably a bit too much.  That said, at my cousin's Memorial Day party, I managed to skip the burgers and hot dogs and stick with the salads (including a tortellini salad that really did fill me up).  


I have not been the gym in a week.  We hit the Memorial Day weekend and now I am a lump on a log lying in bed with strep throat.  Ugh. My current diet consists of Lipton chicken soup, bagels, toast, tea, juice and eggs.  What can I say?

Hopefully the penicillin kicks in and I can get back to the gym to work off some of the calories I consumed this weekend.

This week's recipe is for Summer Macaroni Salad with Tomatoes and Zucchini and it looks right up my alley and I plan to make it for the next BBQ I attend! It is compliments of Skinnytaste (Gina's Skinny Recipes) of course!


If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you know the weekend was a busy one filled with good company and good food. I didn’t lose or gain this week. The lack of a loss kinda sucks considering sunny beach days are just around the corner but, I wouldn’t trade the experiences. Now, it’s time to refocus.

Over the weekend, I saw a sound bite about weight loss. The message was that it is really all about the diet. Of course exercise matters and it's a must for a healthy life but if you're having cheeseburgers every day, what you do in the gym won't help you shed pounds. It’s not that I didn’t know this but it was a good reminder that all of my efforts in the gym can be sabotaged by a handful of mini snickers.  While there is nothing wrong with a cheat day at the end of the week, it’s good to know it can cancel out any progress you made during the week. That way, you won’t be shocked when you step on the scale.

Thinking about it really presents a question of worth. Yes, I love chocolate (especially when it comes with caramel, nougat or nuts) but is it worth derailing my goal, even if it’s just slightly? I think the answer will be no most of the time. There are times when I am socializing and want to eat, drink and be merry without worrying about the 100 calories in my wine or the 500 calories in my ½ a flatbread. With summer coming, I need to acknowledge that I can’t have those times all the time. Trust me, it is tempting with all the summer vacations, BBQs and social gatherings. But it’s not quite as tempting as reaching my goal.

So, it’s time for a summer plan. I’m starting with a 6-week challenge on June 1. I will post a workout plan every Sunday that will cover the week. I will also include a meal plan. Obviously, I am not a licensed nutritionist or trainer. I am just sharing what I plan to do/what has worked for me in the past. If you’re following along for the rest of the week, here’s the workout I’m doing:


As for food, I have been posting recipes everyday for my 30 Days of Food challenge.  Today’s recipe is a simple breakfast that is filling and while nutritious, feels a little indulgent. Check out my avocado toast here

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