Friday, June 13, 2014

Feel Good Friday/Friday the 13th

In celebration of Friday the 13th and the full moon (which I think is a bit of nonsense...sorry, I'm not very superstitious), I thought I'd should out to my little black cat, Storm, who is currently doing her part to freak out the superstitious by laying in the window staring intently down at them.

I will note, the lights and air went out in my office this morning. Then they came back on but flickered like strobe light for 15 minutes. Also, my phone is totally on strike. It's new so I have no idea what's wrong. Some people are blaming it on this superstitious day. Others blame Mercury, which is in retrograde. Whatever it is, I figure it will help me disconnect tonight during date night.

I am also including this cute goat video below. Be inspired!!  This little guy is so cute and I love his effort. How could he not make it to Feel Good Friday.


What made you laugh or get all warm and fuzzy this week? Share links in the comments! Happy Friday and have a good weekend!! 

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