Thursday, June 19, 2014

Love List

1. The Snap Toothbrush gives you the ability to change your toothbrush head regularly without the waste of throwing out the entire thing.

2. Want underwater vacation photos? Not a problem (for Apple users) with the iPhone Super Suit from Photjojo.

3. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield found a great way to turn the tables on the paparazzi.

4. I've been doing morning juice shots with turmeric based on some research I read. I plan to incorporate in into my morning smoothies much more often. Read more about its benefits here.

5. Tips for rebooting a bad day in 10 minutes or less. Who doesn't need that?

6. Great and thought provoking post by Jen Pastiloff (The Manifest Station): For Women Who Apologize For Everything.

7. If I could be as well adjusted regarding body image as Victoria Erikson (age 19), I'd be much better off. Read her essay over at The Manifest Station.

8. Love the graphic print on this skirt. Really feeling midi length skirts this season.

9. Love this headband scarf tying tutorial. Will definitely rock this on hot days this Summer.

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