Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday Quotable

I could sum up today's post by saying "I love my husband" and just leave it at that but I won't. Here's some context: This weekend was our six year anniversary. We took a much needed mini-vacation and it was lovely to shut out the world a bit (except the occasional post to Instagram) and just enjoy each other's company. We've been through a lot in the last six years with health, work and family issues. Nothing is ever perfect but it's nice to work past life's obstacles with someone who totally gets you.

You may be saying, "Good for you guys but isn't the Monday Quotable supposed to apply to everyone?" And you're right. And it does. The quote isn't necessarily unique to your partner. It can apply to any love of your life.

When you are feeling bummed out, draw on the love you feel for people who love you back. I don't care if it's the love of your pet. Go with that. I find the feeling of loving and being loved is one of the best to pull you out of a crappy day. I do so many things during the day to center myself. I go for walks, do quick meditations on Calm, breathe deeply for an hour, work out, cook, etc. All of it is good and helps relieve stress but nothing puts a smile on my face like thinking about memories with people I love whether they be friends, extended family or my hubs.

Love is a gift-the best one you'll ever receive...even if there is only one word for it (see the quote). Think about the people you love today and reflect on how grateful you are to have them and the feelings they bring with them. Wanna go a step further? Reach out to them to let them know. 

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