Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday Quotable

Ash and I had a great Sunday Fun-day hanging out on and near the water. We kept remarking that it was the nicest weather we've had all year. At the end of the day, we went walking in Battery Park, which has special memories for us (we got married there).

As the sun went down, rather than sharing a romantic moment, I noticed that we were both snapping away and trying to find good angles and light for our soon to be Instagram photos. While positioning my phone to get the shot I used for today's quote, I noticed lots of other people around us.

There was a group of fishermen waiting for their lines to snag something, a group of kids playing soccer on the lawn while their parents cheered them on, a couple jogging together...and there we were, with our cameras in our hands instead of holding each others. I made a comment about us missing the moment while trying to capture it. We both decided the actual memory--the feeling of sitting together, feeling loved on a much waited for warm night on the Hudson--would be better than the shot of it. So we disconnected from our technology and connected to each other. I'm so glad we did. I plan to do that a lot more this Summer. The warm season is so short here. I want to savor it even if there are only a few snapshots to document it.
Ultimately, every day is the best day but you have to be present to realize it.

What about you? Are you too connected to your technology (tablets, smartphones, etc.)? How do you disconnect (or do you refuse to)? Happy Monday!! 

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