Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Weekly Weigh In


Hello readers!

Checking back in this week – and I am only down .2.  But I will take it considering some birthday festivities, world cup festivities and lack of exercise.  The plan this week is to start with the gym again (now that I am feeling better – although still tired).  I have to get back on track with the gym since that 5K is looming just ahead. I will have to do a reset on the plan, but that is ok.  I have come to an epiphany this week.  I was eating light – special K bars, salad and a lot of processed foods.  I am finding that if I stick to normal meals made with whole foods (rather than counting points or calories) but not overdoing it, I find myself more full.  And that means less snacking.  And I think that’s helping.

As for this week’s recipe I am bringing back an oldie but goodie: Dijon Roasted New Potatoes. I made these potatoes again this week and they are fab.  Courtesy of Weight Watchers.


I mentioned in this week’s Six Week Grind post that Ash is on this 7 Day No Bread Challenge. I’m loosely sticking to it with him for moral support and because I am deep into this challenge.  I’m really just focusing on whole foods and avoiding refined carbs like the plague. No big deal, right? I was already eating well. It just means changing some of my snacks (goodbye protein bars), dressings and sweeteners. Piece. Of. Cake.
Ash is having a bit of a tougher time. His morning protein shake recipe is off because of the sweeteners in the protein powder. His salad dressings are out and he isn’t a fan of oil and vinegar. His salted cashews (favorite snack) have been replaced with the unsalted variety. And his penchant for protein bars has been shelved. Also, no potatoes and he is a big into baked potatoes.

Why am I going on about Ash? I mean, he’s totally fit and just trying to get the last millimeter of fat off of his 6-pack. Why am I talking about how easy this is going to be for me when I need a heck of a lot more than 7 days of restriction? I’ve got another 15-20 pounds to lose.

I’m sharing because of the conversation that’s been going on in my house for the past three days. ALL WE CAN TALK ABOUT IS FOOD. I’m binge watching Food Network and Cooking Channel shows. We’re picking out recipes on Pinterest to make the day this challenge is over. We’re making lists of restaurants to visit. We’re planning picnics at our local parks and beaches and the menus to go with them.  

It’s all just because we feel deprived even though we’re not. I mean cutting out 7 days of protein powder/bars does not a deprived belly make. That said, we’re intently focused on our freestyle or “cheat days” because of a few extra restrictions.

As Summer pushes forward, social and vacation eating will become an issue for most of us. We make choices because:

“I’m on vacation. When in Rome….eat everything in sight.”

“You only live once. Eat, drink, be merry!”

“Happy Hour!!!”

“Date Night!”

“Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots!”

“Turn down for what?!?!?”

You get it. The issue comes up throughout the Summer. Social gatherings, travel, etc. can all lead to going overboard. I’m a big fan of living in the moment. Have fun and eat the foods you want. Just don’t over indulge. And if by chance you do, don’t panic. It is NOT going to ruin all of the progress you’ve made. It does not make you a bad person. It does not make you a failure. You’ll leave the party or come back from vacation and you will get right back on track.

As far as this week goes, I didn’t lose a thing. Since you know I cranked up the fitness last week, you may be surprised. You can’t be more surprised than me. I’m blaming PMS (not that you want to know that). I’m also not sweating it too much because my clothes are slowly but steadily getting too big. So…onward.

As for this week’s meal, I’m all about Creamy Chickpea and Kale Curry (Fat Free Vegan). Delicious (and I mean seriously delicious) and filling! It is also today’s 30 Days of Food feature. This week’s workout is a bonus workout, if you are so inclined to go beyond this week’s plan. Figured the arms could use some extra love (read: burn).


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