Friday, July 25, 2014

Life is Fleeting; Live it NOW!

There are moments in life that remind us life is short. All you have to do is turn on the news…or pull up the web.  Most of us feel a stab of sadness and we hug our loved ones a little tighter. We talk about loving people while they’re here and changing our habits to get things done rather than putting them off. Then, slowly, those of us who are only indirectly affected move on with our lives. We are perhaps a little more conscious of the fact that life is fleeting but we generally fall back into old habits, forgetting our commitment to do better.

Sometimes, though you experience a loss that is closer to home and you’re compelled to get your shit together and really appreciate your life.  That happened to Ash a couple of years ago when one of his closest friends was hit by a drunk driver. It happened again in the wee hours of this morning. We were laying in bed zoning out in front of our respective iPads when he sat straight up in shock. He handed me his iPad to read an Instagram entry and confirm what he’d just read. There it was in black and white: “RIP” under a picture of another good friend.   

We both sat there in shock and silence for about a minute before we started wondering who we could call to confirm and to find out what happened.  Over the next few minutes, the reality sunk in as people shared sentiments over social media and phone calls came through. He is gone after suffering a heart attack during a basketball game. We couldn’t believe it. We’re talking about an athlete. A seemingly healthy, young, vibrant, kind father and husband. A man whose last tweet was to thank God for another day of life.  

It’s hard to know what sort of tribute to pay to a man gone far too soon but we agreed the best we can do is live our lives in a way that honors how precious it is. To celebrate each day and to really push for the fulfillment of purpose. To live this life in honor of the gift that it is and to lift those he left behind in any way we can.

Rest easy James “Stixx” Williams. 

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